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VALORANT as Crws, Talon Esports’ main lineup, reveals details at LOCK//IN São Paulo, along with an update on foxz’s mouth sickness.


Monday, March 13, 2023, 6:13:21 a.m. Indochina time

After competing in the program VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: LOCK//IN Sao Paulo has ended, ready to show off the skill of the players Talon Esports which made it out so well that it shocked many media and even though the competition ended over several weeks ago But for those who still want to watch in addition to the competition on the channel YouTube of Talon Esports I have been down vlog Within the aforementioned competition came out. which can be viewed below

Today, what we will present is still a matter of ” aftermath “In the competition VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: LOCK//IN Sao Paulo As always, but this time it will bring the stories of the members of the team. so that people who do not follow them closely know the news, the following content is from live stream back when February 23 from the channel of Kras One of the main members from the agency Talon Esports Which has come out to open the story in detail to listen to each other You can watch it in full below.

But for those who do not have time to watch back today via 4 gamers I would like to tell and bring up various interesting stories from Kras which has come out publicly through fresh of their own by asking to start at the competition in the first pair like MIBR to avoid confusion in the timeline and will have the following details

  • in the competition in pairs MIBR The shouts of the cheering crowd were very loud.
  • Loud until the size that penetrated into the mic
  • Plus I couldn’t hear anything, not even the sound of gunshots. different foot sounds
  • At one point, he played like a run-in, not interested in anything.
  • Later solved the problem by turning the game volume louder than usual. to fight the voices of the cheering crowd
  • after winning MIBR both Fox and Kras They said at the same time without making an appointment that they had to stay for another 3 days, huh?
  • The person revealed that he did not want to compete. but just feel like going home
  • The reason for not wanting to stay is because Brazil it’s too wild
  • Barbarous, even in front of the hotel, there were news of people robbery a few days ago. Plus there was a quarrel. Until the size of a gun to shoot each other often as well
  • But in addition, the atmosphere Brazil It’s like being in Thailand Just a little cooler

For the competition in the second pair will meet between Talon Esports vs. Evill Geniuses which within the retrospective of Kras has revealed many interesting content, whether

  • During the map draft Kras which is IGL At present, it is intended to play a unique map. Because I don’t want to be revised. And now there are not many plans
  • don’t want to play pearl at such as skilled, including lotus So decided to ban it.
  • in my mind at first to choose ice box is a map 2 But when practicing, it didn’t come out very well, so I was worried.
  • plus enough to see that such as choose Haven Come again, so I’m sure that the plan will definitely be unpacked.
  • from the beginning to pick up ice box which is not good enough to pick up decisive It’s not a sure map. Plus it’s likely to be unpacked. therefore making the decision to pick up a torn map separate let’s go
  • personally Kras That’s someone who doesn’t like maps. separate
  • When I went to tell my friends that I picked up separate Come, everyone was quite confused. Because when we first talked, he said he would pick it up. ice box really
  • in the map Haven At first there will be a replacement. Comp each other but Garnet S say you want to play jet Therefore decided to continue with the original plan.

And then came the competition in the last couple. which is the round of Talon Esports vs. DRX and should make the Thai fans feel the most regretful because they had to lose unfortunately by the score 2 – 1 which way Kras came out to tell, including revealing many interesting things The details are as follows.

  • Kras have a serious illness The cause is likely to be from stress and tiredness with the following symptoms.
    • fever
    • have a headache
    • backache
    • hot
    • I was so cold that I put my jackets on top of each other. 3 The body still can’t handle it, even though there is no air conditioner in the racetrack.
  • which when referred back fresh To tell that part of the fever has disappeared. But there are still some other symptoms, such as
    • loss of voice
    • hot in
    • Pain in the ingrown toenail (not related to the latest illness)
  • Kras It was revealed that the illness affected the competition greatly. Whether it’s a matter of reflect and reading ideas
  • Tell your teammates to go all out because the opposite team is a set shot. If you keep waiting, you will be at a disadvantage. Therefore went to leverage the opposite side to lose the system
  • Kras Confidently say, “If I don’t get sick, I’m sure I’ll win. DRX 2 – 1 certain “
  • and even though the finalists will be Cloud 9 I’m sure that I will win too.

Of course, the information mentioned above All are the contents of the mouth of Kras Including if many people have watched the competition, they would know that now the way Talon Esports Considered one of the teams from our home zone that have been greatly upgraded than before. Kras Also came out to reveal various information in their own perspective. Including various errors within the competition. which has the following details:

  • The conclusion of this competition is quite unexpected because at first I thought that I would not pass a round.
  • next competition Kras will continue to play a role IGL stay the same
  • This round of competition has changed the target, changed the image size. frequently And promised that after this I won’t be stubborn anymore
  • I felt that I made a lot of mistakes. Next time will try more.
  • in the competition Brazil Discussion felt that the team was ready just 40% only
  • think of the race in the round league should be more ready
  • I’m not surprised that team secret will win Team Liquid
  • Because from the rehearsal as well, it seems Team Liquid I’m still not quite ready.
  • feel that 100 Thieves very good
  • part of the way Leviathan It seems that last year was more brutal.
  • Garnet S and Jid Boys Plays better than expected which was referred to as already complimenting


Another thing many people are concerned about is competition. VCT 2023: Pacific League Both in terms of important players like Kras who was diagnosed with hemispherical disease (this article) The closest friend I love like Fox was revealed through fresh the latest of March 12 which is just one day before leaving for Korea has said that

” team (Kras) Still ok, as for the illness, it seems to be almost gone.

“But the team (Kras) will not fly together in March 13 Because you will come later.”

It can be considered a pleasure. and thought there shouldn’t be much of a problem Which has to wait to follow each other that the members from Talon Esports These representative players from Thailand will perform in the program. VCT 2023: Pacific League Came out well and how great it is, we have to wait and follow each other.

Talon Esports lineup LOCK//IN

  • Thanamet” KrasMahathananuyut
  • sickness” Sushi BoySubscribe
  • Fox beautiful
  • give us” Mental Boys “Water bird
  • Apiwath” Garnet S Apirak Sukhumal
  • esprit” esprit “Chai Wong
  • look after” hawk head Kanpanan (Manager)
  • “Battle” Zeus Kaewkongyai (Head Coach)
  • in “Creativity” Mugen (In Mugen) (Coach)

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