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VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Americas Last Chance Qualifier When bottom of the table, KRU Esports delivered a slap in the face to MIBR until they had to take home the first round.


Sunday, July 16, 2023, 7:02:57 a.m. Indochina time

officially opened the stadium for the competition VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Last Chance Qualifiers After the previous article was presented about the competition system. Including introducing different divisions in each zone, which is one of the big battles at the end of the year and is the last chance to enter the program 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS During the month of August 2023, you can read more details inthis article

Most recently, a few hours ago, the competition program VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: America’s Last Chance Qualifiers has announced the official start which will start the round top round 1 in a pair of MIBR and KRU Esports Plum belonging to the competition during league They’re not doing very well. Until resulting in having to take the bottom of the table helplessly


but have to admit that e-sports teacher It is one of the skilled subordinates because competition list VCT America 2023 Although they often show strong shots and almost win many times. But with a personal numbness that occurs for unknown reasons As a result, they missed the last curve. Can’t turn off the game and result in team member e-sports can’t count points 1 from anyone

thus making this battle the way MIBR Rather have a better tax. Including with the buff power of coach famous bzkA who used to control the reins for being under a tight body like as before, resulting in a view of e-sports teacher The more it was pressed down than before. but due to competition e-sports Nowadays, it is like a sports game that often happens unexpectedly, and of course, this time it is one of the most unexpected events.

because it turns out that the plum team e-sports teacher The pressure to do the work came out so well that it was unexpected. Whether it’s a strong attack plan, a strong defense to the sharpest shots where everything is mind-boggling. Finally, with the concentration of KRU Esprots which is difficult to stop and even though MIBR will be enough to bring consciousness back at the end but due to the difference in the Ku score thus making this battle a victory for e-sports teacher with score 2-0 (13:7 , 13:8) quickly

As a result, the first day of the competition was completed quickly. for the competition in the next round Upper quarter-finals Will continue to use the format competition. single removal (Losing home) as before, which will start the race. July 17, 2023 since the time hit 3 onwards and there will be all competitions together 2 pair as follows

  • KRU Esports vs FURY
  • Sentinels vs 100 Thieves


Finally, we have to wait and see in this final battle which team will be able to win tickets to the year-end big show like 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS succeeded in order to rub shoulders with the affiliation, as has been selected as the best of each zone Have to wait to follow each other

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