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VALORANT comes for real, no twist. Sentinels introduces 6th player Marved to the team!


Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:38:56 a.m. Indochina time

After a few days ago, I had the opportunity to present about a skilled player like tags A former talented player of the team. OpTic Games from Canada In the past, the person has come out. tweet pass message Twitter My own, including signing a picture of the contract to come out to describe the color of the clouds Until causing many fans to only think and wonder if the conclusion is how it is and how it came to be

In the past after being affiliated OpTic Games Didn’t get the chance to sign a contract into the league’s franchise. value As a result, the players within the team split up in different directions. and also including tags which has announced a temporary suspension of the competition Although in the previous period there will be an opportunity to participate in the competition for Sinatra and zombie But in the end it’s just a fun race to kill time. (Read more inthis article)


And even if it’s just a casual race But it seems to be a good addition to the fire because it makes tags There was a fire in the competition again. and a few hours ago garrison has announced the launch of a new player tags to be served as a player 6 of the official team

As for former competitors like sick who are currently busy in personal matters (Read more atthis article), which way sick At present, there is still a list for garrison stay the same but will be in the position inactive And no one knows that he will return to compete for garrison again when Because the problem that the person has caused is quite heavy. And there are quite a few problems.

Brave Sick Jail-230308-113210

Finally, there is another story that is worth watching. It is about the mystery of the famous affiliation. Esports bleeding has come out to reveal that There will be another announcement tomorrow with the words yay Causing many to speculate that he may be one of the star players in the industry value Zone at who may be interested in large sums of money And decided to jump into the affiliation, it is also possible. This will be true as it has been predicted or not. We have to wait and follow each other.

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