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VALORANT Player CigaretteS Says “Almost Got to Play in Paper Rex vs Talon Esprots”


Friday, May 19, 2023, 4:14:09 PM, Indochina time.

After the race on the list VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Pacific League time normal season just about to end But the competition has not come to an end in any way because both 6 Teams must continue to compete in the round. play off to find 3 The last team to be eligible to compete in the program VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Tokyo Masters Which can go to read more details inthis article

last when May 19, 2023 one of the pro player famous as Patiphan ” CGRS ” Posri or Dare S cigarettes came out to open the stream To update his own illness because he has detected that he is infected with COVID 19 which the dare has revealed The results of this check were made before the start of the final match. Paper Rex vs Rex Regum Qion and since then he has confined himself in his room Until now, it dragged on for a very long time. 5 day has arrived

Which within the stream, the person came to talk to the fan club Ready to announce the collection box CS: go from the audience to create content to open the box and while the person is sitting and waiting for the box Including constantly looking for things to talk about, then there were many viewers who asked questions about the illness to the competition in the previous period of the team Paper Rex whether

  • competition in a pair of Talon Esports vs. Paper Rex It’s a pity that I didn’t dare to compete.

“Oh, don’t. If I enter this competition, there is a chance of losing because Talon Esports In the latter part, the team is quite good, to be honest, on my side. (Paperex) I’m afraid that I will lose, so I try to play carelessly. which at first the team told me to let me down as well But I said, ” don’t try to do “In the end, how are you? Almost lost. The score ended at 2:1 Let’s go and wipe off the sweat.”


  • If you dare not detect that you are addicted COVID 19 According to the plan, there will be an opportunity to compete in a pair of Rex Regum Qion silk ?

“Thought it might have gone down. But the chances are quite small because actually Paper Rex want to compete in every pair to the fullest 100% Always, and if you put me down, the chances of losing are even higher.

In addition, Kla has also come out in a funny way that he has gained more fan bases from both sides, whether they are fans from Indonesia and Korea Came confused because

  • Before the start of the competition, there are fans from Indonesia They said, “I want to see CGRS Played in the final match of Rex Regum Qion So much”

  • Which is really, it should definitely be a cheer that has something hidden inside. because in the final battle Rex Regum Qion must win Paper Rex to reach the final

  • including fans of Gen. He said in a humble tone, “How? Paper Rex That’s it. Probably can’t play in any way, it shouldn’t focus too much “and praying not to Paper Rex Dare to compete in the last couple

  • Makes me dare to come out and say in a humorous way that “Others can throw it, right? And why does it have to have Tu’s name in it like you are the main character? As for changing the game anyway.”

  • In addition, a summary of the competition in a pair of Paper Rex which can win the way Rex Regum Qion came, resulting in god is dead One of the main players from the team. Gen. came out to thank Paper Rex Because able to win and give them a second chance to continue in the round play off successfully

It is considered one of the views of the competitors that are rarely seen and in the end I hope CGRS will recover from the symptoms of COVID 19 Soon Including participating in the competition as a main member for the team Paper Rex in the near future

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