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VALORANT Recap 2023 VALORANT Challengers Thailand – Split 1 Regular Season Playoffs Day 2 Orange Bloods Don’t Like This


Sunday, March 12, 2023, 3:32:27 PM, Indochina time

continue to talk for the big competition in the list 2023 VALORANT Challengers Thailand – Split 1 regular season time playoffs After the first day, the two favorite teams attack all around and full feeling was ejected to the bottom line Therefore making today one of the rounds to decide which team will stay and which team must go home first by being able to enterRead more details atthis article

In terms of competition Day 2 in the cycle playoffs will compete March 11, 2023 and all competitions 2 a pair consisting of

  • MiTH vs Sharper Esport | 20.00

The competition in the first match will be the meeting of two former best friends who have recently parted ways between All round attack vs FULL SENSE Which before the start of the competition, the author has secretly guessed in his mind that the way full feeling Should be able to do a better job. attack all around who just recently joined together But it turned out that the event had turned upside down. Because when the competition began, it became that way attack all around back down the way full feeling catastrophically


Whether it’s the first map like climb who was taught in such a way that the scores were different, like Ku did not return including two maps Haven It’s not different from before, causing this competition to end quickly without being able to win. and victory went to attack all around go with score 2 – 0 ( 13:1 , 13:7 ) ready to result full feeling Have to pack up and go home in order.

For the competition in the next pair will belong to the upper line. which is a competition of MiTH vs Sharper Esport Two strong teams of the competition And as you know, throughout the competition in this list. myth Never had a chance to lose until having to decide on the final map before. But it seems that this round will not be so, because even though in the first map myth will win But when it comes to the next map like lotus become myth back being taught Until causing both teams to have to decide on the final map like separate

and although the way myth will rely on separate For the first time in this competition But they seem to have prepared a plan. Including preparing various things quite well until making sharper sports who is forced to choose this map in the right way myth Knocked until his neck fell off, ready to win and win. sharper sports was ejected into the lower line according to regulations

The next round of competition will begin in March 12 which is a competition on the last day of the program 2023 VALORANT Challengers Thailand – Split 1 regular season Have to wait and see which team will be able to win the championship in this event successfully and will receive more than 240,000 baht to win, have to wait and follow each other

  • Sharper Esport vs Attack All Around | 4:00 PM (BO3)
  • MiTH vs TBD (winner from first match) | 7pm (BO5)

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