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VALORANT reveals concepts, including an interview with potter as Head Coach under Evil Geniuses and the dark horse events.


Saturday, June 17, 2023 at 4:19:37 PM, Indochina time.

If talking about a shocking moment and didn’t think it would happen, it would be a battle of Evil Geniuses vs. LOUD in the list VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Tokyo Masters by as Considered to be one of the championship favorites, which many people predicted that they would be able to go through to the round grand final can get comfortably, but it turns out that they fell dead from the round playoffs First, with the skill of a tight team like evil genius with score 2-0 Until having to climb up from the bottom line like that

And with this big change, it made many people wonder about the development of evil genius which at first their shape was not very good, but now the way evil genius Becoming one of the favorite teams until many agencies have to watch and the latest on the channel VALORANT Thailand was given the opportunity to interview head coach of evil genius like Christine” potter “Chi, which has revealed the origin of the path coach and various concepts for viewers at home to see The details are as follows.

The interviewer asked that the “woman” in the foreground of the “woman” was rarely seen. e-sports or coach I want to know how much inspiration Why did you bring yourself to this point?

way potter talking about the old team CS: go that he received encouragement and inspiration from his friends, including the former captain, resulting in potter have stood at this point

Episode “Time Out” potter How do you talk to athletes? Because when the way such as Doing a “time-out” will always make the team come back to win.

way potter He said that he would slap everyone in place as a reminder because plans had already been discussed before and there might be talks about some adjustments at some point depending on the situation.

The question was asked, “Players in the current series, potter Was it your own choice or not?”

in the current set potter He was the one who picked everyone up and gathered them together himself. In the previous period, some athletes were kept as a substitute all the time, such as terrain but potter Has foreseen the skill of many people, therefore, took them and blended them together and came out as a team at present that is quite perfect.

Ask “why does the team have 9 person “

It’s a decision of the agency itself. In which the interviewee explained that “should want the agency to have competition among themselves. In order to seize the opportunity to be real “and with a large number of people, it is possible to organize a training team together within the team.

Finally, the interviewer asked potter Say what you want to tell everyone who is watching. with the following contents:

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Especially at a young age, it’s like we were made to experience “disappointing” things, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Because mistakes will be experiences for you. so you know” What will you do next in your life? ” “

Christine” potter ” Chi role head coach affiliation evil genius

Another interesting thing is After the competition ended, the subordinate Evil Geniuseshas come out to arrange ” press release ” will answer questions from reporters. Which has a reporter to shoot questions to devil 1 to prepare for meeting the next team which the question has not yet ended in a good way devil 1 immediately replied to the garden that

“Don’t care”

But it seems that the turbulence of the agency evil genius will not end there, because if anyone goes to follow Twitter belonging to evil genius team value At present, it can be seen that now they have changed their name to thank the agency. MIBR Silly like that

Evil Geniuses Change Name Thank You MIBR

For those who do not follow the competition in the outside zone which this event must return to the list VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Americas League time regular season In the final battle, which is a meeting between MIBR vs. 100 Thieves By that time, the agency evil genius I’m at the end of the line and I need to encourage 100 Thieves Lose so they can go on in the round. playoffs


part of the way 100 Thieves must win this victory to move forward But in the end it turned out to be MIBR Returned to win in a confused way until the agency 100 Thieves Missed the opportunity to continue on the way evil genius was given a breath Until coming out to show the work to the world to see in the current program

Finally, in the next battle of evil genius in the list VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Tokyo Masters they must meet Team Liquid time top semifinals which will be held June 19 have to wait and see how evil genius will be able to compete with the affiliation Team Liquid As far as it goes, we’ll have to wait and see.

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