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VALORANT reveals Setting, one of Thailand’s number 1 controllers like sScary with Crosshair for elevating sharpness to the next level.


VALORANT reveals Setting, one of Thailand’s number 1 controllers like sScary with Crosshair for elevating sharpness to the next level.

Friday, July 7, 2023 at 8:04:57 PM, Indochina time.

If asked about players from Thailand in the position supervisor Which many people know and give as the number one player in the competition, no one would deny that former players from giants like scary Probably one of the top choices for many people due to their outstanding playing skills, including the best play. overcome thus making his craftsmanship fascinate quite a bit

Of course, in addition to the growth of the brain that tends to always play in a superior way. scary Another important thing is to choose the right items. Including various settings is one of the important parts. This will help raise that player even more powerful. If you go back in the video of ” take a tour of the practice room bleeding ” Via sScary I have come out to reveal. mouse his confidant that is Logitech G Pro X Superlight Black Ready to reveal that

Logitech G Pro X Superlight I have used 6 – 7 I have and I still use it all the time.”

” The mouse pad is used as Artisan Zero Soft

Furthermore, it’s not just external equipment or training that can help. scary Stronger because setting it to the player’s hand results in better shooting performance. therefore making today the way 4 gamers would recommend ” setting of scary ” which may help raise the level for friends to be able to play better than before All information is taken from the website. Prosettings consists of

mouse sensitivity

mouse Logitech G Pro X Superlight Black
Narcotics Control Board 800
Sensitivity 0.36
EDPI 288
Zoom sensitivity 1.1
hertz 1000
Windows Sensitivity 6
raw input buffer on

video settings

resolution 1920×1080
aspect ratio 16:9
aspect ratio method mailbox
display mode full screen


turn turn
fixed direction depending on the side
Put the player at the center on
minimap size 1.1
zoom minimap 0.9
Vision Cones Minimap on
Displays the name of the map region. always

graphics quality

multi-threaded rendering on
material quality low
surface quality low
quality details low
UI Quality on
vignette low
Wesync low
Ant-Aliasing do not have
Anisotropic filtering 1x
improve clarity turn off
Experimental sharpening turn off
Bloom turn off
distortion turn off
cast shadow turn off

in the side crosshair of scary will be modified from the website Prosettings Go for a bit, because even though the way scary will still use target point As usual, but it seems that the person has a black border and changes the color to blue instead. As a result, the author is not very confident. Therefore, the author decided to ask to put forward crosshair replaced by the old one, which consisted of


color white/blue
Outline turn off
contor dot turn off
Center Opacity 1
center thickness 3
inner line All Off
perimeter All Off

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