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AI saves lives in hot spots


Trucks without drivers – heroes without a cape: AI saves lives in hot spots

The UN has modified all-terrain vehicles to carry out rescue missions in dangerous areas.

AI-powered self-driving trucks will be able to deliver food to conflict and natural disaster zones as early as next year to save the lives of humanitarian workers. About it reported Reuters, citing a representative of the World Food Program (WFP).

Attacks on aid workers have increased in recent years amid the largest number of violent conflicts since World War II, according to the UN. WFP, the UN food aid agency, lost three workers earlier this year alone as a result of conflict in Sudan .

An amphibious truck can carry about 1-2 tons of food. The UN already uses about 50 vehicles in South Sudan, but each route to a hotspot poses a great danger to drivers of such trucks.

The Sherp all-terrain vehicle drives through flood waters to deliver humanitarian aid

As part of AHEAD project (Autonomous Humanitarian Emergency Aid Devices) in cooperation with the German Air and Space Center ( German Aerospace Center, DLR ) WFP will test driverless autonomous trucks early next year. The project also aims to achieve the global goals of the UN, such as the eradication of hunger.

AI is used to combine data received from satellites and sensors, which allows a remote operator to control the vehicle. A WFP spokesman said that South Sudan, where some 7.7 million people face severe food insecurity and flooding makes access difficult, should be the first place to deploy.

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