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VALORANT team Cloud9 with parting ways with yay, the most shocking move in the industry!!


Thursday, March 2, 2023, 4:10 PM 39 PM, Indochina time

Cloud9 VALORANT Team Cloud9 VALORANT is preparing to make changes ahead of the VCT 2023 Americas League for the NA VALORANT League franchise. The player who is most likely to move away from the Cloud Blue army is Cloud9’s star star, yay.

Earlier today, yay started making movements that he would no longer be with Cloud9 VALORANT by changing his Twitter bio, removing Cloud 9 from the team, and spinning off the fans following his transfer. He’s now a player for VALORANT streamer Ludwig’s Moist Esports team, but in the end, this seems like a joke. Because Moist Esports lineup doesn’t have yay’s name in it (Read more)

But the fact that yay is leaving VALORANT Cloud9 right now is “real” because a few hours ago, Cloud9’s Official Twitter has updated the news of the movement of their lineup after the end. Battle of VCT LOCK//IN in Brazil Ready to announce clearly that yay has now left the team. After entering the Mekfa Family for only 5 months

yay’s new team. There’s no word yet on where the former VALORANT Masters 2022 World Champion and last year’s 2022 VALORANT Champions World Runner-up will be moving to. But according to rumors, VALORANT NA teams are expected to be listed in the VALORANT VCT 2023 Americas Leagu franchise.

As for Cloud9, now they are being yelled at by fans. Can’t keep a single VALORANT superstar on the team. Because before yay left Cloud9, Cloud9 lost another top player in the industry like TenZ to Sentinels as well. “Isn’t there a manual for World Players?”

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