Home Gaming VALORANT, the main player from XERXIA, came out to thank the fans. ready to reveal feelings After losing in the final battle

VALORANT, the main player from XERXIA, came out to thank the fans. ready to reveal feelings After losing in the final battle

VALORANT, the main player from XERXIA, came out to thank the fans.  ready to reveal feelings  After losing in the final battle


Thursday, July 6, 2023, 6:38:06 a.m. Indochina time

After the competition VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific time group stage Arrived at the last curve with the saddest conclusion of the agency Cercia who has missed the defeat to the famous agency Boom e-sports and because their previous scores weren’t very good therefore causing this defeat to result in a series of consequences for the way Cercia until the opportunity to win tickets to the round playoffs unfortunately go

for affiliation Cercia It is one of the dark horse teams in Thailand. which can win the ranking 1 from the list VALORANT Challengers League Thailand: Split 2 and get them tickets to the show VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific was successful, during the period before the start of the competition, they practiced, tried hard to polish in various areas to grab a voucher that will allow them to step into the “world class” of the game. value

But after the final defeat in the battle between XERXIA and BOOM Esports As a result, both the team behind the house, including the players, came out to express their gratitude and regret for this battle a lot, whether ” Nutthew “who took the position” analyst ” to the team Cercia came out to say thank you for joining in cheering and supporting each other all the time

or will be the main player of the agency Cercia in position duel at warn came out to say thank you to the fans who cheered and always encouraged them Ready to reveal that

Feeling sorry for not being able to perform well in the last match

side part Twitter of the main player position initiator at LBY came out and said GG “give way Boom e-sports Ready to reveal that

“Today, he made mistakes in many places, including calling as a IGL Didn’t do very well.

As a result, the fans, including those pro player From various agencies that come to see each other come to join and encourage LBY As many as ever

culminating with the main players syrup and although it was only a short sentence that “I’m done”, it was considered that such a sentence was quite enough to convey the feeling of regret and sadness in the last battle. This was not lost to the others on the team.

Of course, the whole house, including many competitors, although he did not come out and express his feelings to the fans via social media But I can be sure that everyone in the team is sad and sad that they missed out on the opportunity to win a ticket to raise the agency to the world level unfortunately. The remaining two players will consist of

  • Exe Nothing was said through. social media
  • rolex has appeared in the stream of dare S cigarettes when July 4th and briefly stated that ” I’m allergic bro ” In which the dare has spoken to comfort the younger ready to encourage as much as they can


Even though it’s sad and unfortunate for them. But I have to admit that Cercia Able to do a great job at the time and is considered one of the “good experiences” that should be a good lesson for them to keep as an experience and grow again in the competition after this Finally, the way Twitter of Walothu Asia A short video was uploaded about the victory of Boom e-sports In a joking way, with the idea that

enough Boom e-sports Wearing the black team uniform seems to get buff power until winning every team. But when wearing white, it turned out to be lost to all other teams.


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