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Visual Studio, the program cannot be started, access is denied


While debugging a program, if you get the message “The program cannot be started, access is denied”, here is how you can get rid of this problem. This error can occur in Visual Studio 2019 as Visual Studio 2022. Whether you are experiencing this issue on Windows 11, Windows 10, or any other older versions, you can follow these solutions to fix the issue.

Visual Studio, the program cannot be started, access is denied

To fix the error “The program cannot be started, access is denied” in Visual Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Check with administrator account
  2. Choose correct file Compile
  3. Run installer from another drive
  4. Disable third-party firewall and antivirus
  5. Reset Visual Studio

To learn more about these steps, keep reading.

1]Check with administrator account

Sometimes you may need to use an administrator account to run a project in Visual Studio on a Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC. No matter what language you used, you need to select an administrator account to get rid of this problem. If you are currently using a standard account, you will need to sign out of that account and start using an administrator account.

There are basically two ways to create an administrator account on a Windows 11/10 PC. You can enable a hidden administrator account or create a local administrator account. You can follow any method to get the job done. After that, you need to log in as an administrator to fix the problem.

2]Select the correct file to compile

In most cases, users forget to select the correct project file to compile. As a result, they encounter this issue when debugging in Visual Studio. If you’ve worked on one project before and then switched to another, this can be a common mistake. That’s why it’s highly recommended to check the correct project file before trying again.

3]Run the installer from a different drive

If you installed Visual Studio on a drive other than the system drive or C drive, you only need to run the installer from that drive. At times, your computer may not be able to do everything when you install a program on a different drive. While this shouldn’t be a problem since Windows can run programs from any drive, Visual Studio can give you problems for this reason. That’s why you can follow this step by step guide to move installed programs to another drive without data loss in Windows 11/10.

4]Disable third-party firewall and antivirus

Windows security doesn’t pose a problem with Visual Studio as they are very compatible with each other. However, if you are using a third-party firewall or antivirus program on your computer, you may experience this issue. That is why it is advised to temporarily disable your firewall and antivirus program to check if that solves the problem or not.

If yes, you can try resetting those programs and check again. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then you need to get rid of these applications in order to use Visual Studio without any errors.

5]Reset Visual Studio

Visual Studio, the program cannot be started, access is denied

To reset Visual Studio on Windows 11/10, follow these steps:

  • Open visual studio on your computer.
  • Press Tools .
  • Choose Import and Export option.
  • Choose Reset all settings .
  • Click Next .
  • Choose yes, save my current settings to save the current setting.
  • Choose no, just factory reset to reset everything.
  • Click Next .
  • Press finish .

After that, check if there is a problem or not.

How to fix access denied in Visual Studio?

To fix the “Access Denied” error in Visual Studio, you need to follow the above solutions. First, check if you have an administrator account or not. After that, don’t forget to check your firewall and antivirus settings. On the other hand, you may need to change settings in the Windows Registry to get rid of this problem.

How to run Visual Studio as administrator?

To run Visual Studio as an administrator on Windows 11 or Windows 10, you can use the start menu. However, click on the start menu and search for visual studio. When you see the search result, make sure Visual Studio is selected. If so, click “Run as administrator” and click “Yes” at the UAC prompt.

Visual Studio, the program cannot be started, access is denied

In this article, we explained Visual Studio, the program cannot be started, access is denied. Feel free to let us know if you have questions or comments about this article. Leave a comment below and will reply as soon as possible.

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