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we have limited edition of the Freestyle


It has been a bombshell and now Samsung has just renewed it completely: we have a limited edition of the Freestyle
This is the limited Samsung The Freestyle EV9 Edition, already available in South Korea.

In the market there are a lot of high-end projectorsin fact we ourselves have tried some like this Formovie THEATER 4K from 3,500 eurosbut it is that in reality None look like Samsung’s The Freestyle that broke the mold with a much more versatile concept, not as performance but mixing total mobility to a projector that offers 100 inches at FHD 1080p resolution, but always where we want (and where a plug allows us, of course…).

The truth is that the Samsung The Freestyle is a revolution for a market that had been stagnant for a long time, although certainly still needs to improve on certain points: the resolution and brightness are not at the level, while the worst thing is the lack of an integrated battery that gives you complete autonomy.

The improvements will not arrive for nowNot at least with this new version of The Freestyle projector that has just seen the light of day in South Korea, because as our fellow students told us SamMobile and later announced Samsung itself in perfect Korean on their official websitewe are before a limited edition like the ones Samsung usually launches from virtually all of your devices.

In this case the The EV9 Freestyle Edition it has been designed together with Kia, which has lent Samsung its color matte blue ocean for celebrate the launch in his home country of the new Kia EV9 electric SUVa gigantic vehicle that boasts of making any adventure possible and thus emphasizes its travel capabilities and abroad.

Samsung The Freestyle EV9 Edition, photo gallery

In fact, it is that both products, electric car and projector, they share a tone to go perfectly with the game and that the projector looks more like an accessory of the Kia EV9, being able to connect The Freestyle to the car to project anywhere thanks to the vehicle’s two-way charging system, which allows you to recharge or get power from Kia battery for any other device.

we can have a 100-inch screen anywhere the Kia EV9 takes usand also with energy from the car itself, which will allow us enjoy entertainment sessions wherever we are as long as we can project the image onto some flat surface. Own Kia EV9 offers an accessory in the form of a curtain for the projector.

Perfect symbiosis between a gigantic SUV, the KIA EV9, and this Samsung The Freestyle projector that is redesigned so that we can enjoy our content wherever the car takes us.

Of course, all the features of the Samsung The Freestyle are maintainedwith the versatile design and free rotation of up to 180 degrees, viewing at any angle and the ability to launch content up to 100 inches at FullHD 1080p resolution.

The interested can purchase it in South Korea using ‘Kia Member Points’ within the brand’s collection Kia Car & Life Mall EV9 membersgiving them the projector with its special finish in a packaging exclusive and 100% recyclable, in addition to a gift transport case also exclusive. Its price? Well this hasn’t been revealed yet though knowing that The Freestyle cost 999 euros startingsurely the Samsung shots will go again there.

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