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what does it mean by Static vs. dynamic IP addresses

what does it mean by Static vs. dynamic IP addresses

These are the differences between static and dynamic IP addresses to decide which may be of interest to you.

On IP-addresses

An IP address is a unique number assigned to each device in a network. Much as a street address specifies where the letter should be sent, the Internet computers are known by an IP address. Network devices communicate with each other via IP addresses.

The Internet uses DNS (Domain Name System) to allow people to use words for Internet addresses, rather than numbers. You can think of DNS as an Internet address book which maps domain names to IP addresses.

Your browser will look up the domain name in DNS when you type a URL into your browser. For instance, if you type www.google.com into your browser, your browser will ask for the IP address of Google DNS.

IP address assigned to Google’s domain name will be returned by DNS ( Then your browser logs in to the IP address

How does the dynamic and static address differ? What is the difference?

The address does not change if a computer is equipped with a static IP address. Most devices use dynamic IPs which, when connected and modified over time, are allocated by their network.

If static IPs are necessary

Static IP addresses are not required for most users. When external computer or websites need to recall your IP address, static IP addresses typically matter more. An example is VPN or other remote access solutions that trust certain IPs for security purposes (whitelists). If you are running a server, a static IP address is not mandatory, but the setup can be simplified. Two options offer Google Fiber.

How to obtain a dynamic IP address

To configure dynamic DNS, use advanced network settings. If your IP address changes, your Server DNS entry with the new IP address is automatically modified so that the same domain name is used by outside users. Dynamic DNS Providers may be chosen and no additional software must be installed on your device.

How to obtain a static IP address

To save an IP for a computer on your local network, use advanced settings. Your system holds the same IP address, even when the system is disconnected, until you cancel your booking or uninstall the device from your network.

You may opt not to have static IPs (that is, dynamic IPs for all devices), a static IP or multiple, static IPs when you sign up for Google Fiber for small business. When you sign up to service, the number of static IPs is shown on the screen. When you register for static IPs, if your service is activated and allowed, we will allocate addresses to you.


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