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What happened to Zoro.to? Is it shutdown or rebranded?

What happened to Zoro.to? Is it shutdown or rebranded?


Zoro.to is a one-stop for all anime lovers. If you are also a user of Zoro.to, you must have already observed that the website no longer exists and navigates you to a different domain. This has happened recently overnight. In case you are wondering why this happened, no need to panic. This post answers all your queries regarding the Zoro.to disappearance.

What happened to Zoro.to?

What happened to Zoro.to?

Zoro.to is a free website to stream and watch anime series online. It is an illegal website that got popular amongst millions of anime lovers. Why so? Because it lets you download subbed or dubbed anime series in high quality without having to pay for them. It doesn’t even require registration to use the service.

However, Zoro.to seems to disappear suddenly and redirects itself to another domain. So, has it shut down, or is it rebranded? Well, there are several speculations making the rounds on what happened to Zoro.to. Let us find out what exactly has happened to Zoro.to in this post.

Is Zoro.to shutdown or Rebranded?

Zoro.to now redirects to a different domain i.e., Aniwatch.to. Whenever you try opening Zoro.to in your web browser, you are seamlessly redirected to Aniwatch.to.

As we told you earlier, Zoro.to doesn’t hold rights for the anime series it offers. Now, it might have moved to a new domain because of that. Such pirate websites are known to change their domains after a while. This is because Google sends many Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices to the team, which eventually results in deranking the website in search results. In addition, when the pirate website gets popular, there are high chances of it getting banned or blocked.

The basic GUI of the website is similar to the previous one, with only changes in color design. Also, the old users seem to log in with their previous login credentials without any issues. However, the users are still freaking out on social networking sites as to where Zoro.to go. As of now, it appears to be that Zoro.to has rebranded itself into Aniwatch.to.

An official source even confirmed that Zoro.to is acquired by a new development team. Here is the official Zoro.to team has to say about this matter:

Everyone calm down, Zoro is acquired by a new dev team, they will now handle the whole website and social network accounts. Do not worry, all the data will remain the same, the old staff will keep supporting the server. Thank you

So, it seems like Zoro.to has been bought and obtained by a new developer that will take care of the website henceforth.

Is Zoro anime legal?

Zoro.To is illegal, like most anime websites. It has no official rights or licenses to stream or download anime series from its website. You can even download high-quality anime content from Zoro.to. However, the website is considered to be safe to watch anime online and has millions of users per month.

Why is Zoro server down?

When there is a server outage or servers are overloaded with too many requests, the Zoro.to servers go down. Another reason why Zoro.to might be down is that the website is going through maintenance work.

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What happened to Zoro.to?


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