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What is Grover, how does it work and when is it worth it?


With Grover you can rent technology on a monthly basis so you can always have the latest of the latest.

What is Grover, how does it work and when is it worth it?
Grover is a “renting” store for technological products

Over the years, new proposals are emerging so that we can get state-of-the-art technology at a lower service cost and in which we are always up-to-date. With this objective, Grover has landed successfully in the Spanish technology leasing market. This means that instead of buying technological products we rent them so that we can use them for as long as we want. Once our service is finished, we simply return it and we can opt for another more modern product or other ways of consumption.

In general, it is a system that is very popular and that is becoming really comfortable for many users throughout Europe. That is why it is interesting to consider how grover workswhat can we rent with it and if it is really worth it in front of the traditional shopping services.

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How Grover Works

Every day the word is heard more rentbut still many people wonder what is technology leasing. The truth is that it is a service that slowly making its way but that implies some questions that for many people are still unknown.

With Grover we can rent technology products in exchange for a monthly payment. In this way, with Grover we can always have the latest of the latest in devices without having to huge initial investments. In addition, it does not have permanence either, so it is not simply financing a product but also allows us the flexibility to change it when we choose. Besides, we will always be updatedsince it is a form of consumption that does not anchor us to the same product all the time, so we can try different devices and choose the one that interests us the most without any problem.

Its use is very simple and practically the same as if it were a a normal store. We can see the products, add them to the cart and subscribe to the service. Afterwards, the product arrives at our house and We can now use it while we pay rent. Before renting it we will have to choose the time during which we want to use it. The standard is usually three months, but we can be subscribed for years if we need to. Later, if we become subscribed to the product for a year we will be able to access the Purchase option

There are other services technological leasing that can be contracted in Spain. However, Grover has made a niche for himself as one of the most interesting for its price and its service.

What can be rented in Grover

Grover has a very extensive list of products that can be rented. From telephony and tablets through televisions, projectors, cameras and even consoles, audio services and gym machines. Thus, the initial “roster” with which it counts is very nourished and all the products are of the latest generation, offering incredible quality. Among other things you can find the following:

Grover's home page with all the services he offers

Grover offers a large number of technology rental or leasing services

  • Mobile telephony: it has state-of-the-art telephones such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra or iPhone 14 Pro.
  • Computers: you can rent laptops of different brands and ranges. You can opt for a ultrabook like the MacBook Air or gaming terminals like the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming. Thus, it offers a large number of products that will meet the needs of the consumer.
  • Wearables: Samsung and Apple watches are available for rent on the technology leasing platform.
  • Consoles: Both the Xbox Series and the PlayStation 5 (with custom SSD, too) are available for rent at Grover. It is a good option if You really don’t know if that product interests you
  • Cameras: From the latest from Sony and Canon to sports cameras like the GoPro. We will be able to rent all kinds of products for our audiovisual productions and for the content creation.

What happens if a Grover product breaks

It is normal that there are many fears about it. What happens if our mobile phone breaks while we are renting? Well, Grover simplifies everything in a rather remarkable way. If the product breaks for anything the company takes care of up to 90% of repair costs having to face us at a much lower price than if it were ours. In this way, we will not have to have in case the damage suffered by the product is high, since Grover will take care of it.

Screenshot of Grover explaining what happens if the product is damaged

This is what happens if our terminal rented with Grover is damaged

It is interesting to note that the most sensitive products do not have 90% coverageespecially in terms of drones and other products more susceptible to damage, they do not cover up to 90%, but rather usually around 50%.

What happens if you don’t pay your rent on time in Grover

Non-payment is contemplated in any rental service. In this case, from Grover they clarify that in the event that the user breaches the terms and conditions, they can apply interest for late payment of between 5 and 8%. A not inconsiderable price and that is obviously sponsored by the legal code. In this way, at Grover they seek to shield themselves from these situations that are so difficult to manage.

Is Grover worth it?

Grover is worth it as long as you are going to use its products. These questions are always very subjective and depend on what you are looking for. There are products that are absolutely worth it compared to the traditional purchase, while others are more difficult to make profitable if we choose to rent them. A section in which it would be very interesting to make use of the technological leasing is in the case of cameras. In this sense, it has been in the making for years and it is something really functional and useful.

Try Grover on your own

Also the offers are well worth it. Sometimes there are products at heart attack prices. Renting a Nintendo Switch for less than ten euros, for example, is something difficult to refuse. Especially if you want to try the product because you don’t know if you’re finally going to get hold of it.

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