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WhatsApp will change the way you navigate the app


WhatsApp has introduced an important innovation that will change the way you navigate the app on Android: gestural navigation finally arrives.

WhatsApp will change the way you navigate the app
WhatsApp introduces an interesting navigation novelty in its latest beta.

WhatsApp has released a new beta on Google Play. The new version of the app, which is numbered according to reports from Gizmochinaintroduces new features that users have been asking for for a long time. One of them is the possibility of scroll between the different tabs and menussomething highly demanded by the entire community.

In a 2023 marked by novelties as interesting as the Companion modeIn which it seems that the app owned by Meta is finally getting the batteries to compete seriously with rivals like Telegram, the inclusion of gestural navigation is something that should take time on android. In the betas it could already be tested, but the scroll between tabs disappeared with the previous beta.

Gesture navigation, again in the betas for Android

In the previous beta, a redesigned interface with a bar at the bottom from the screen. With this bar, navigation between tabs was simplified for users. However, gestural navigation was removed from this version and caused complaints from a large number of users.

Now gesture navigation has been reintroduced in this latest beta, which shows that users have been listened to. And while the feature improves the browsing experience quite a bit, the truth is that Google advises against it in accordance with the principles of Material Design 3.

However, WhatsApp has made improvements to better comply with Material Design 3 in other areas. For example, it has redesigned the controls and floating buttons to better adhere to the new design lines. Rounded menus have been introduced in the app, improving its visual aspect.

As usually happens every time we mention these novelties, it is worth remembering that are limited to the WhatsApp Beta program. To be able to enjoy them you will have to register and, if you want to know how, we tell you how to do it.

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