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When will Windows 11 coming out ?

When will  Windows 11 coming out ?


“When Windows 11 is going to come out,” almost everybody asks a question.

It’s been nearly five years since the new Windows 10 operating system was launched on 29 July 2015 by Microsoft.

Microsoft issued 12 versions of Windows 10 over a five-year period, each with new refinements to compensate for growing technologies.

In 2015, Microsoft made headlines saying that Windows 10 would not be successful in developing any other operating system.

Finally, the wait was finally over when, five years later, on 24 April 2020, Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 11.

The operating system will be available in Windows 10 through the Google Update Hub.

We will disclose everything you need to know about Microsoft Windows 11 here.

Let’s start off.

Windows 11

Window 11 is the next operating system scheduled to replace Windows 10.

Well the buzz in the group speculates that the operating system is the most comprehensive and advanced.

It is possible to split the Windows 11 operating system into two parts.

  • Hypothesis 1

Microsoft will now, as per the latest rumours, take an approach similar to Apple’s. In this, instead of the numbered models being released.

Windows will have regular updates to its new operating system from now on.

  • Hypothesis 2

The second speculation notes that Microsoft is likely to release the Windows 11 operating system either as a Windows 10 update or as a brand new Windows operating system.

Windows 11 Release Date ?

In plain words, Microsoft said that there is no Windows 11. Indeed they are very clear about it.

But does that mean that of course, Mircosoft is closing down Windows, isn’t it just that they’re changing their way of operating?

Users of Windows will not receive subsequent updates containing new features, security updates, etc.

In short, Mircosoft will add advanced features to its current operating system.

But it was in April 2021 that a new leak detailing the launch of Windows 11 took place; sadly, Microsoft has not made official comments.

Windows 11 Concept

Let’s take an in-depth look at the real scenario of what Windows 11 is going to be.

The response to the question of when Windows 11 will be published is right here.

Jerry Nixon provided insights into their plans at the Ignite Tech Conference in 2015.

Highlights of the conversion included Jerry saying that the last numbered version of Microsoft’s operating system would be Windows 10.

He further clarified that Microsoft will have an approach similar to Apple, where we will now have two big updates in Windows 10 instead of issuing the next version of Windows.

That means two changes that will add new functionality and security updates to meet the rising demands of technology.

So the Windows 11 definition is going to be very parallel to the Apple one.

Windows 11 Features

As an upgrade to Windows, Windows users should expect the following completely new features.

  • Enhanced Crotona
  • Upgraded power management
  • Better gesture integration
  • Increased security
  • Radical networking
  • Latest start menu

The following list of features is merely an observation based on official resources, but the above features will revolve around them.

There would certainly be a lot more characteristics than just what you see above.

Windows 11 System Requirements

As we saw in the discussion above the truth is that Windows 11 is not usable.

That is, the specifications will adjust for further upgrades to the Windows operating system just to compensate for the new advanced features.

Here are the basic specifications that you can expect.

CPU 1GHz or SOC or Other faster processor
STORAGE 16 GB for 32 bit and 20 GB for 64 bit
RAM 1GB for 32 bit and 2GB for 64 bit
GRAPHICS Microsoft DirectX 12 or WDDM 1.0 driver
SCREEN RESOLUTION 800 x 600 and above

There are some simple device specifications that you need to run Windows 10, and these are updates for the future.

Windows 11 Price

Well, because there’s no real announcement as to whether or not Windows 11 will be eligible, we can’t say what the cost will be.

On the other hand, if Windows 11 comes with upgrades to Windows 10, the price of 11 will be the same as 10.

Holding your Windows 10 installed is everything you need.

The Bottomline

If you search for a Windows 11 search engine, you will see a website that claims to have all the dates and information about this OS.

The knowledge shown by these websites is very contradictory to what Microsoft has to say.

Yeah, Windows 11 won’t be available, but the catch here is that, as part of the latest version, users can get regular updates to their pre-installed OS.

So now you know what to say if you’re asked when Windows 11 will be released.


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