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Wildberries will give you huge orders and tens of thousands of fines


Wildberries will give you huge orders and tens of thousands of fines

Attackers have come up with a new way to deceive online platform customers.

A new type of fraud has spread among buyers of Wildberries, the largest online marketplace in Russia. Attackers make huge orders from victims’ accounts, which are sent to remote regions. At the same time, Wildberries imposes a fine on victims for refusing orders, which can amount to tens of thousands of rubles.

This was announced by the Telegram channel Baza, having published the story of Anastasia from the Vologda region. She contacted the Wildberries support service when she saw that 865 orders for creams worth 210 thousand rubles were made from her account, indicating the addresses of points of issue in the Amur Region.

Illustration: Baza

Wildberries support representatives clarified whether she received any suspicious SMS asking for a password from her personal account or with a job offer. Anastasia did not receive any such SMS, and the support employee stated that she herself made orders and you can refuse them only at pick-up points or not pick them up for 15 days. Such a refusal, according to the new Wildberries rules, costs 100 rubles per position, which will result in 86,500 rubles, which Anastasia “owes” to the site after July 14. Removing a bank card from the account will not solve the problem, since the data about it will remain in the system, representatives of Wildberries noted.

Anastasia is not the only victim of such fraud. A similar situation happened with Victoria from the Moscow region. 1102 creams were ordered from her account for the same amount – 210 thousand rubles. Orders were sent to the Komi Republic and the Khabarovsk Territory.

While the motives of the attackers remain unclear, but one of the versions is to disable competitors. Perhaps the scammers are trying to exclude them from the competition by placing “empty” overorders.

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