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Windows 11 expands password security and introduces a new layer of phishing protection


Windows 11 expands password security and introduces a new layer of phishing protection

Windows 11 will keep track of what passwords a user enters on sites.

Microsoft improves protection against phishing V Windows 11, adding a new feature that alerts users when they copy and paste their password Windows to websites and documents.

Along with the release Windows 11 Insider Dev build 23506 Microsoft has introduced a new option called Enhanced Phishing Protection. This feature is designed to provide strong protection for Windows user credentials and Active Directory from unwanted interception by intruders.

By default, this feature is not activated, so Windows users are advised to activate it themselves by following the path: Windows Security > Application and browser control > Reputation-based protection > Phishing protection.

Activating the function in the settings Windows

Once enabled, users will be warned every time they try to enter or copy and paste their Windows logon password into website forms or documents.

It is worth noting that the option will not function if the user uses the Windows Hello system (PIN or biometric data) to log into Windows.

For the feature to work, Windows users must log in with a password. This way the password is cached in memory and can be matched against the entered text (either manually typed or copied).

In the warning window, users see the following text:

“Password reuse is a security risk

If your password is stolen from this site, attackers will try to use it on other sites as well. Use strong, unique passwords to keep your personal information safe.

Microsoft recommends that you change your local Windows account password.”

Password Reuse Warning

Although this feature does not yet support all applications, all Windows users are strongly advised to enable this security feature in Settings.

Earlier it became known that the new Windows 11 update (Moment 3) caused a number of problems for users . Among the most common complaints are slow computer performance, long system boot times, and unstable internet connections. Many users on Reddit reported that after installing the KB5028185 patch for Windows 11 22H2, their PCs began to run slower and the system startup time increased.

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