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Windows + P not working in Windows 11/10 [Fix]

Windows + P not working in Windows 11/10 [Fix]


Keyboard shortcut keys not working is a common issue, and so is the case with Win + P. If your Windows + P shortcut is not working in Windows 11, then this post will help you. The Windows+P key is used to pull up the Project menu from the bottom right side of your screen. So, if you use multiple monitors, you can switch between displays, keep only one of the screens active, duplicate the primary display across all screens, or extend your display area.

Windows + P Not Working

Why is my Windows P shortcut not working on Windows 11?

One of the primary reasons could be a glitch with the keyboard hardware or if it has accumulated dirt and debris. It is also possible that there’s an issue with the current USB port. Outdated or corrupted keyboard drivers or recently installed software could also create conflicts.

Some users found that it was the DisplaySwitch.exe file or the Game Mode that was causing the issue. For others, the Action Center was not enabled or working.

Windows + P shortcut not working in Windows 11

If the Win + P keyboard shortcut combination is not working on Windows 11/10, take these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Preliminary steps
  2. Run the Hardware/Keyboard troubleshooter
  3. Turn Off Game Mode
  4. Check if the Action Center is enabled
  5. Replace the DisplaySwitch.exe file
  6. Create a desktop shortcut for the Display Switch
  7. Check the status of the HID Service
  8. Reset the Keyboard.

Let us take a look at these steps in detail:

1] Preliminary steps

  • Power off/on the Keyboard and Restart the PC
  • Ensure that the keyboard is clean of dirt and debris.
  • Connect the keyboard to another USB port to rule out any glitch with the current USB port.
  • Check if your system has the latest keyboard drivers. In this case, you would need to update/reinstall the keyboard driver.
  • If the issue started after you installed any Windows updates, uninstall the update to check if it resolves the problem.

2] Run the Keyboard troubleshooter

Windows P not working Windows 11

Once you have tried all the preliminary methods, but they fail to resolve the issue, you can try running the built-in Keyboard troubleshooter. This can help you detect any issues with the Keyboard and apply the fix automatically.

Open Windows Settings (Win + I) > System > Troubleshoot > Other trouble-shooters > Keyboard > Run.

You could also run the Hardware Troubleshooter.

You can also download and use our useful freeware FixWin to open the troubleshooter with a click.

3] Turn off Game Mode

Windows P not working Windows 11

The Game Mode on your PC, when turned on, shuts down any unnecessary tasks or programs running in the background, thus optimizing your gaming experience. But sometimes, this feature can create conflicts with the keyboard, and you may notice that shortcut keys like Windows + P are not working. In this case, it’s advised to disable the Game Mode to fix the issue.

4] Check if the Action Center is enabled

Windows P not working Windows 11

The Win + P shortcut pulls up the Project flyer from the Action Center at the bottom right. Hence, if the Action Center does not open, it can create issues with the shortcut combination. So, you would need to troubleshoot the Action Center first and make sure it’s working.

Also, make sure that the Action Center is enabled in the Group Policy Editor. To do this, open the Local Group Policy Editor, and navigate to the below path:

Configuration > Administrative Template > Start Menu and Taskbar

Now, on the right, look for Remove Notification and Action Center and double-click on it.

In the next window, select Disable, and press Apply and OK to save the changes.

5] Replace the DisplaySwitch.exe file

Windows P not working Windows 11

For some users, replacing the DisplaySwitch.exe file has proven to be effective in resolving the issue if the file has become corrupted.

Run System File Checker to replace this single file or download this file from Microsoft.

Then open the File Explorer, navigate to C:\Windows\System32, look for the DisplaySwitch.exe file, and replace it with the downloaded version.

Never download such files from third-party sources!

6] Create a desktop shortcut for the Display Switch

Windows P not working Windows 11

If the Win + P keyboard shortcut is still not working, the easiest way to tackle this situation would be to create a desktop shortcut for the Display Switch.

For this, right-click on the Desktop > New > Shortcut. Now, based on your preferred display option, choose the shortcut location as shown below and Type the location of the item in the desired field:

PC screen only

%windir%\System32\DisplaySwitch.exe /internal


%windir%\System32\DisplaySwitch.exe /clone


%windir%\System32\DisplaySwitch.exe /extend

Second screen only

%windir%\System32\DisplaySwitch.exe /external

Once you have entered the location of the item, press Next. Now, name the shortcut, preferably, Display Switch, and click on Finish. Once done, you can now use the desktop shortcut instead of the Win + P key shortcut on the keyboard.

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7] Check the status of the HID Service

Open Services Manager and ensure the Human Interface Service is set at Manual (Triggered) and started and Running.

8] Reset the Keyboard

If nothing helps, you can try resetting the keyboard to its default settings.

How do I enable shortcuts in Windows 11?

You can enable or disable keyboard shortcuts using Local Group Policy Editor, Registry Editor, or Microsoft PowerToys. You can also enable or disable a particular Keyboard Key of your choice.

Windows + P Not Working


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