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WWE 2K23 has released a trailer focusing on John Cena’s story in 2K Showcase mode.


Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 8:19:14 p.m. Indochina time

The latest game in the franchise. WWK 2K at WWK 2K23 It was officially announced a few days ago. which comes with live performance trailer that confirms that John Cena will be the cover star of WWK 2K23 Include the official release date of the game.

latest trailer new of WWK 2K23 disclosed during Monday Night Raw On the night of January 23, the fans saw the story of John Cena in mode 2K showcase including playing games As he has faced other wrestlers such as RVD (Rob Van Dam), Batista and undertaker

In addition to improvements playing games general, mode improvements My GM of WWK 2K23 and new game modes like war game then mode 2K showcase There have been changes that are considered very interesting this year. Usually the mode 2K showcase It presents the path of a superstar’s wrestling career. WWE in which the player will play the role of that wrestler, but for showcase of John Cena will be different from the original Because the player will take on the role of an opponent of John Cena instead

besides playing games that has been revealed little in trailer new of WWK 2K23 then besides trailer The aforementioned also confirmed a few more entries in the character roster. These playable characters tend to have general use as well. But they also represent some players who will be in the mode. showcase which includes Batista, Kurt Angle, RVD (Rob Van Dam), Batista, The Undertaker and rock etc.

in which mode 2K showcase will be lectured by John Cena So it’s a good opportunity to get insights into the antagonists. WWE his biggest

in addition John Cena also spoke about his role in WWK 2K23 by John Cena said “It’s a pleasure to tell my own career story through the WWE 2K23 Showcase, and 2K has done a great job recording and fueling the WWE 2K franchise through this concept. And I’m so honored to be on the cover of WWE 2K23.”

WWK 2K23 will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X on March 17

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