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Xiaomi has its own Kindle with Android and you can now buy it online


The Haidian giant already has a serious answer to Amazon’s Kindle, which is called the Xiaomi Duokan Pro II and is already available for $299.99.

Xiaomi has its own Kindle with Android and you can now buy it online
This is the new Duokan Pro II e-reader, the Kindle ‘made by Xiaomi’.

This product that we are going to officially present to you today It is not Xiaomi’s first foray into the smartphone market. e-book readersand it is that the Haidian giant already tried it in 2019 with a xiaomi mi reader What happened to the market without pain or glory. In any case, we are before a clear and serious answer, the first made by xiaomito Amazon Kindle already best ebook readers available today, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to show it to you directly.

The device in question is called Xiaomi Duokan Pro II Electronic Readerand is already available on the website of GoodEReader at a price of $299.99, to change about 282.50 euros more or lessto which another $29.99 would have to be added for shipping.

Here is a link to the product page:

Xiaomi Duokan Pro II e-reader, all the information and purchase

In terms of design, this Duokan Pro II has little to tell us, and it is that it is a very simple device, like the first Xiaomi smartphoneswith a black polycarbonate finish that look for lightness and comfort above boasting.

On the front we find a 7.8-inch screen with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch and a tactile button to return to the start at the bottom, which also presents a warm or cold backlight system with up to 24 self-regulating levels in order to guarantee the most optimal reading experience in any situation.

Count with one Rockchip RK3566 chipset which has a quad-core processor, which will offer stable performance along with a very low energy consumptionleaning that electronic heart on 2 GB of RAM and another 32 GB of internal storage.

Its benefits lie around impressive comfort and optimal reading in any light condition, although the best is inside thanks to an Android 11 operating system that will allow us to use any e-book service including Kobo or Amazon Kindle, among others.

Xiaomi Duokan Pro II

Promotional image of Xiaomi’s new ‘e-book reader’ with Android.

Dispose of Android 11 pre-installedwhich will facilitate the installation of applications, so it will not be a problem in this Xiaomi Duokan Pro II the use the e-book services of our choicelike Amazon Kindle itself, Kobo or any other.

In addition, it has a 3,200mAh battery that will allow us to use it without going to the charger for more than 6 weeks, all in a casing of only 7 millimeters thick with a minimum weight of 250 grams.

A great product, without a doubt, although we do not know well what chances of success will you have in a falling market like the one of the e-book readersWe will see!

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