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Xiaomi’s 2022 high-end par excellence is already updating to MIUI 14


And finally, Xiaomi’s top of the range in 2022, the Xiaomi 12, are receiving their update to MIUI 14 based on Android 13.

Xiaomi's 2022 high-end par excellence is already updating to MIUI 14
This is the Xiaomi 12 Pro, probably the best of the Xiaomi in 2022 if we ignore the beastly ‘Ultra’ model.

a few weeks ago Xiaomi officially announced the launch of MIUI 14finally letting see all the news, options and improvements of which it already is surely the most appreciated customization in the Android catalog among those available from all manufacturers.

So that, a global deployment was expected like rain in May that it had to wait a few more days after the launch in China, but that finally we already have here at least for the flagship Xiaomi 2022the smartphone family Xiaomi 12.

And finally, the Xiaomi 12 with global firmware begin to update to MIUI 14 progressively, with an update package coded as (TLCMIXM) that weighs 4.43 GB.

MIUI 14: news, arrival date and all the information

Obviously there are many models and it is likely that the launch will be gradualacross markets and devices, so you will have to be patient as our classmates told us GSMArena.

In any case, we are already in the final stretch so you can enjoy MIUI 14 in your top-of-the-range Xiaomi, so stay tuned because very soon you will see the update that will upload the base of Android to version 13 and will have the latest security patches of January 2023.

It has already transcended build code of the Xiaomi 12, not the Pro variant, which will be the (TLCMIXM) with a gigantic weight of the package that will reach the 4.43GBnothing less.

Much encouragement to Xiaomi 12 users, because the wait for MIUI 14 is finally coming to an end… It’s about time!

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