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3 Android brands in the top 10 most innovative brands of 2023


There are three Android smartphone manufacturers in the top 10 most innovative brands in 2023.

3 Android brands in the top 10 most innovative brands of 2023
The Huawei P60 Pro, one of the brands in the top 10 most innovative of 2023

Latest report published by BCG analysts gather the ten most innovative companies from around the world so far in the year 2023. From top 10, three of them They are manufacturers of Android devices, and if we take a look at the global top, made up of fifty companies, the number of Android manufacturers doubles.

When assessing the innovation capacity of companies, account has been taken of the importance that each company has given to this concept in the last year and the importance that has been given to new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Google, Samsung and Huawei are the most innovative Android manufacturers

Ranking of the most innovative brands of 2023

The ranking with the 50 most innovative brands of the year 2023, according to BCG

In the ranking, led by Applewe can see how inside top 10 there are three companies dedicated, among other things, to android device development. Son Alphabet (Google), Samsung and Huawei. If we take into account the models of the series surface duoMicrosoft could also be included in this selection of the most innovative Android manufacturers of 2023.

Regarding Samsung, analysts explain that it is a great example company that uses all the tools at its disposal to drive performance through innovation at different stages of its value chain.

In this sense, they explain that Samsung regularly introduces new technologies on a large scale, focusing on technological innovations and standing out for its ability to enter adjacent markets (as is the case with folding smartphones). It is also the non-US company that more money invests in research and development, with around $17 billion intended for this purpose only in the year 2021.

It should also be noted the appearance of Huawei in this ranking. Although it is true that the company is not going through its best economic stage, the company has shown on more than one occasion to be a firm pioneer when it comes to incorporating new technologies in their products, or take existing ones further. Recent models like the Huawei P60Pro and its advanced variable aperture camera system is a good example of this.

If we extend the ranking to top 50we can find other companies that also consider the development of Android devices as one of their business areas. It is the case of xiaomi (in twenty-ninth position), sony (in the thirty-first) and lenovo (in forty-eighth).

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