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Today’s article is fun to read. How old is Leon? | 4Gamers Philippines


Saturday, June 17, 2023, 00:00:00, Indochina time.

Leon has appeared in Resident Evil and other media, including video games and movies, with many fans interested in his backstory. Even discussing how old the front-line character of Resident Evil, Leon, is now. Because he still looks very handsome and young. This article has a good explanation for this for you to read.

How old is Leon Scott Kennedy in Resident Evil exactly?

Leon was born in 1977, in Resident Evil 2 he just graduated from the police academy. Before joining the Raccoon Police Department in 1998, he was just 21 years old. In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, he appeared in the epilogue. It is believed to have happened a few months after the previous game. It was in this scene that he was approached by members of the US government. It looks like they’re recruiting him as an FBI agent.

Six years later, Leon heads into a rural Spanish village to rescue Ashley Graham, daughter of the US president. From a cult known as “Los Illuminados” which, if one calculates, he was 27 years old in 2004 while in Spain, Leon and Ashley were arrested and injected with Las. Plagas, the same virus that infects villages. Although they both received Antigen Medication from Luis Sera’s lab to eliminate the virus. But it seems many Resident Evil fans are speculating that there is still some lingering infection in Leon’s system.

Leon’s last video game appearance was in 2013 with Resident Evil 6, where he is now head of security operations. He was 36 at the time. Fortunately, he survived many things and stayed until the end. Players won’t see him in the last two Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 7 and 8. However, both series protagonist Chris Redfield met Leon during the events of Resident Evil: Vendetta, in 2017

And the next time that Leon will be played by Resident Evil fans again happens in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4 Remake. “He’s still alive,” so we can assume Leon at this point will be 46 in 2023. No one knows for sure when he’ll appear in the main game again. Many had hoped that Leon would be in the Resident Evil Village DLC titled Shadows of Rose, but didn’t find him since the story centered mainly on Rose Winters and her father Ethan Winters.

“This is the interesting part.” The storyline of Resident Evil Village is set in 2021, and Shadows of Rose takes place 16 years later in 2037, the furthest time skip that Resident Evil has made, which should signal a new generation of characters in the franchise. franchise, but if Leon continues to appear in future installments, he’ll probably be around 60 years!!! and may have retired from his duties as a special agent (Unless Leon’s body actually stops aging due to a suspected infection.) Of course, the chances of Capcom releasing an official wrap-up for the first Resident Evil character remain a possibility. Maybe even put Leon and Jill Valentine together in the game. to end the scene with all the pioneer characters with honor

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