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4 liters, 11 cooking modes and voice control

4 liters, 11 cooking modes and voice control


Cook in a simpler and healthier way with this Xiaomi air fryer that drops below 100 euros for a limited time.

Xiaomi sinks the price of its best air fryer: 4 liters, 11 cooking modes and voice control
With this Xiaomi air fryer on offer you can make a variety of cooking dishes in a healthy way.

Air fryers are among the most popular household appliances in recent years. Of course, xiaomi It also has several models in its catalog that maintain the line of the brand: good quality for a very affordable price. If you also want one for home, take advantage of the offer that the Xiaomi store offers to your best air fryer and that allows you buy it for only 94.99 euros using the discount coupon of 5 euros for new users.

The recommended retail price of this model called Xiaomi Pro 4L Smart Air Fryer is 129.99 euros, so you save 35 euros if you buy it in the Xiaomi store. Before you must log in, click on the button “Coupon: 10.00 euros discount” and in “get ya” under the coupon of 5 euros discount. Then you just have to proceed with the purchase to see how the discount is applied. Be careful, you should keep in mind that the offer ends this Tuesday, July 4. In these screenshots you can see how to apply the discount coupon:

You can buy the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L for 94.99 euros in PcComponentesit’s the same offer. In both stores you will enjoy free and fast shipping, in just a few days you will have the air fryer at home and you will be able to cook your favorite dishes much more easily. This model has a volume of 4 litersso you can cook for several people. Also has different cooking modesa very useful OLED screen and you can even control it by voice with the Google Assistant.

Xiaomi Pro 4L Smart Air Fryer

Why it is worth buying this Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L

The Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L is a large capacity air fryer, with a volume of 4 liters specifically. This means that you can cook for several people in one go, even the dishes can be for 5 people. Besides, comes with an exclusive grill that allows you to make better use of the cooking space. Other details to highlight is that it has a transparent windowso you can control the state of the food without having to remove the tray.

The great advantage of having an air fryer like this one from Xiaomi at home is that you will eat much healthierreducing oil use and fat intake. This Smart Air Fryer Pro has a heating power of 1600W and a circulation of hot air of 360°, which allows food to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. In short, you will have some delicious dishes that are healthy at the same time.

My Smart Air Fryer Pro screen

The air fryer has an OLED screen that shows you data such as temperature and remaining time.

This air fryer puts at your disposal 11 different preset cooking modeswith it you can prepare bake rich breast fillets and potatoes, dehydrate fruits, ferment yogurts and even defrost those dishes that you prepared in advance and that you had in the freezer. Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables… There will be no recipe that you cannot prepare with this appliance.

If you don’t like to cook very much or you have mastered few dishes yet, you can download the Xiaomi Home app on your mobile to discover more than 100 clever recipes. In addition to these 11 cooking modes, you can yourself set the temperature between 40 and 200 degrees. You will see all the information in the small OLED screen that the fryer equips on the control wheel. That same wheel is the one that will allow you to program the cooking of food up to 24 hours in advance. That way, you’ll find your food ready when you get home.

Xiaomi Pro 4L Smart Air Fryer

The purchase of this Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L is also worth it for its compatibility with Google Assistant. What does this mean? That you can control it by voice if you have devices with Google Assistant at home. For example, you can say “Ok Google, turn on the air fryer and set it to cook at 150 degrees” so that start work without getting up from the sofa.

This air fryer is beautiful, it takes up little space and you can easy to clean thanks to its non-stick coating. He is certainly one of the best Xiaomi products for the kitchenan appliance that will help you cook more comfortably and eat healthier. Remember that falls to 94.99 euros in the official Xiaomi store and in PcComponentsbecoming one of the best air fryers that you can buy under 100 euros.

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