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Political cyberchaos: States under the gun of SiegedSec


Political cyberchaos: States under the gun of SiegedSec

Gay advocates and abortionists have decided to spread their agenda in an unusual way.

The hacker group SiegedSec said it had carried out cyberattacks on government websites in five US states, including sites related to the judiciary, social services and the police.

This week, the SiegedSec group published in Telegram message about cyber attacks on five sites:

  • Nebraska Supreme Court Intranet;
  • Councils and Commissions of South Dakota;
  • Personal information of employees and patients of the Behavioral Health Executive Council (BHEC) of Texas;
  • Provider self-service system in Pennsylvania;
  • South Carolina Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS).

Screenshots of websites published in Telegram channel SiegedSec

The hackers have released photos of the corrupted websites and also claimed to have stolen data. Although the motives for the attacks were not explicitly stated in the report, the group’s previous actions against government agencies in Texas, Kentucky, and Arkansas were related to political issues.

Although the hackers have claimed to have launched their previous attacks because of state-level bans on abortion and gender identity, some pundits have urged people to be wary of any claimed rationale due to a general lack of information about who runs SiegedSec accounts.

Officials from several states confirmed the attacks and clarified that all necessary steps were being taken to investigate them. For example, Nebraska court administrator Corey Steele announced the launch of an investigation into an attack on their court’s intranet. A spokesman for the South Dakota Bureau of Information and Telecommunications said no confidential information was compromised in a cyberattack on the South Dakota Councils and Commissions website.

It should be noted that SiegedSec hackers do not ask for money for their actions. When interacting with victims, the leader of the group, known as YourAnonWolf cites “fun” as the main motivation, as well as “protest” against political decisions that violate the rights of the LGBT community and other communities.

In addition to the listed incidents, the SiegedSec hackers on June 23 attacked the government of Fort Worth in Texas . The attackers published part of the documents on their Telegram channel and explained their act as a kind of opposition to state policy.

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