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5 New Mobile Games Worth Trying in May (Part 2) | 4Gamers Thailand


Friday, May 26, 2023, 6:08:46 PM, Indochina time.

We can’t deny that games on mobile platforms are something that many people are very popular with. Due to the convenience that can be played anywhere, anytime and various games that are placed on mobile phones in the system iOS or Android Nowadays, there playing games interesting, beautiful graphics able to fight with top games PC and console very well However, nowadays, new mobile games are probably very few nowadays compared to the past.

Today we will introduce 5 new mobile games that are interesting and friends can try to play. Thanks to good information from pocket gamer very high

travel to the west

The game is inspired by the famous novel of the same name. travel to the west (Or the Sci-Ew that we are familiar with) by allowing players to create a team using up to 5 heroes and using more than 500 cards. There are more than 20 players along the way that can be recruited along the way. including NPC Over 120 unique characters for players to face across 4 chapters.

in addition travel to the west There are also up to 60 different endings to ensure players have an intense gaming experience that takes players deep into the saga of the popular franchise. There will be more than 300 artifacts to customize to guarantee hours of fun.

Available on: iOS, Steam

type: Battle Card

very few nightmares

game puzzle adventure streak escape room dived into apple arcade As a free game for subscribers Players are tasked with solving puzzles to unravel the mysteries of nest All of which are presented in a cute yet creepy way.

As the player must help the girl in the yellow raincoat to survive. When she wakes up in an unknown mansion, you must guide her through each room. to get her to escape from this place The game offers many brain training games. Because everything around seems to be wiped out every turn, eerie sound effects add a unique charm to the game. In addition to the distinctive art style

Available on: IOS, Android

type: puzzle


ritmos Solve cube puzzles with fiery pops to the beat. In which players must solve riddles through soundscape Beautiful, the game allows players to create their own musical melodies. in which every puzzle that the player solves will add specific soundtrack (Special background music)

Different instruments allow players to unleash their creativity in a variety of music genres such as 8-bit music, gamelan indonesian, music The best of Ethiopian Jazz 1960s and beyond. This cube planet has different musical layers for players to play with more than 15 instruments.

Available on: IOS, Android, Steam

type: music/rhythm


game pet sim This cute new one called poquipets Offers a variety of ways in which players can raise virtual pet This includes giving them delicious treats, taking them for walks, cleaning and carrying them to bed at night. poquipets They can be customized to brighten up anyone’s day on the go.

The game also has a multiplayer function where players can create group pets with family and friends.

Available on: IOS, Android

type: simulation

Campfire Cat Cafe

“Opening a cafe for Nong Meow, the most relaxing and charming cat in the forest. Invite cute animals as guests and cook delicious meals from all over the world! Keep your cat staff at work and earn tips while you’re away.

by Campfire Cat Cafe It allows players to manage their own cat cafe in the forest. And when players successfully create their own dream restaurant Players can invite animal friends to hang out in the forest and chill in their own snack bar. In addition, players have the maximum freedom to decorate their cafe in any way they want. Then unlock different sets of furniture to make the player’s place even more luxurious.

Available on: IOS, Android

type: role playing, simulation

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