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60% share their account with other people


A new report suggests that more than half of Netflix users in Spain share their account.

Netflix does not earn enough money because of the Spanish: 60% share their account with other people
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More than half of Netflix users in Spain share their account with other peopleaccording to the last report prepared by the consulting firm Barlovento. In addition, about 60% of people who use Netflix through shared accounts believe that they would be terminated from the service in the event that the platform introduces measures to prevent this type of practice.

What Netflix It is not going through its best moment, it is evident looking at the latest movements of the company. From the launch cheap plan with ads which contradicts what some of the Netflix board members have confirmed in the pastuntil the resignation of its co-founder and CEO After 25 years in the company, shortly after passing the stage with the higher loss of users of the company’s history.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Netflix is ​​looking for different ways to increase your incomeand it is logical to think that end shared accounts It can be a good way to recover all the money that the company has stopped earning due to this type of practice. Even more so seeing figures like those in this study.

Since Barlovento, Netflix users have been asked about your way of using the platform. In that sense, 61.3% say they share the account with other peopleand only 38.7% indicate have your own account.

Also, 58.7% does not appear to be in favor of Netflix’s decision to end shared accountsthat today they suppose more than 100 million of the accounts opened on the platform. On the other hand, 14.8% are willing to pay an extra fee to be able to continue using the service, and 14.6% plan to open their own account, paying the entire fee.

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For his part, the plan with ads of Netflix does not seem to be attractive to the majority, since only 11.8% are willing to see ads in exchange for paying less for their subscription.

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