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8 new applications of these last weeks that we recommend you try


Are you already tired of the usual Android apps? Discover 8 new apps on Google Play that deserve a try.

8 new applications of these last weeks that we recommend you try
Apps on an Android smartphone

Surely you have ever searched for new free apps for Android in the google play storebut when you start to try them you have discovered that they are not worth it. That is over because we already take care, every week, of select the best new apps from the google store and bring them so that you can try without spending a penny.

So, today we come to recommend 8 new applications for Android that have recently arrived on the Play Store and that you shouldn’t overlook.

WhatsMonitor online last seen

The first application on this list is WhatsMonitor Online Last Seen, a free tool that allows you to see which of your WhatsApp contacts are online.

To use this app you just have to indicate the phone numbers of the contacts you want to monitor and Every time they are online you will receive a notification on your mobile.

Free Download WhatsMonitor Online Last Seen

TrueShot – Nice screenshot

TrueShot is a complete screenshot editor with which you will be able to customize them to your liking. For this, this app has a wide variety of backgrounds and gradients among which you can choose, but it also allows you to use your own backgrounds to edit the “screenshots”.

In addition, this app allows you adjust corner radius, padding and shadow of screenshots to achieve an almost professional result.

TrueShot is a totally free application with adsbut if you want to unlock all its functions you will have to go through the box and pay for its premium subscription. The price of it is 0.74 cents per month, 1.64 euros for 3 months or a single payment of 7.99 euros If we want to have it forever.

Free download TrueShot – Pretty Screenshot

TOR VPN: unlimited and secure

Every week we bring you a new free VPN client and this time we are going to talk about TORVPNa free VPN application that allows you to safely surf the Web and access media content that is restricted in your country without the need to register and just by touching a button.

TOR VPN puts at your disposal more than 100 VPN servers spread across Europe, America and Asiawhich have no speed or bandwidth limitation.

Free Download TOR VPN : Unlimited and Secure

Video Downloader for TikTok

As its name indicates, with this free application you will be able to download videos from Tik Tok on your Android mobile without a watermark in a quick and easy way.

This app is really easy to use, since, to download a TikTok video with her You just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the TikTok app on your smartphone
  • Choose the video you want to download and click the button Share
  • Tap on the option copy link
  • Finally, open the Video downloader for TikTok app and click on the button Discharge

Video downloader for TikTok is a totally free application with ads, which you can remove using a single payment of 3.59 euros.

Download free Video downloader for TikTok

Collage Maker: Photo Editor

Another of the new applications for Android that you should try is Collage Maker: Photo Editor, a free app with which you will be able to combine up to 100 photos to create custom collagess and edit photos like a professional thanks to a series of tools that will allow you crop images, apply filters to them, add stickers and text to themdraw on images with the drawing tool, flip and rotate photos and much more.

Free Download Collage Maker: Photo Editor

Excel Formula Bot

If every two by three you have to fight with Excel, Excel Formula Bot is the app you need, since with it you will be able to easily create complex codes and formulas for Excel.

This great application works with ChatGPT, the AI ​​technology created by OpenAI, and therefore, to use it, you just have to tell the bot what operation you want to perform and it will take care of giving you the answer.

Free Download Excel Formula Bot

Video Player All Formats

Video Player All Formats

Video Player All formats is a complete video player for Android that allows you to view high-quality clips in all types of formats such as MP4, MKV, FLV, OGG, AC3 or 3GP, among others.

With this free app you can control, in a really simple way, screen brightness, aspect ratio, screen rotation, or playback speed.

Free download Video Player All formats

XBXPad: Mobile Xbox Gamepad

XBXPad-Mobile Gamepad for XBox

XBXPad: XBox Mobile Gamepad

And we end this selection with XBXPad, a free application that will allow you use your Android phone or tablet as a wireless controller for your Xbox console.

Of course, you must bear in mind that to use this app you must be connected to a 5GHz Wi-Fi network and that you will not be able to connect several mobiles to the same Xbox at the same time.

Free Download XBXPad: XBox Mobile Gamepad

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