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a resident of Novosibirsk independently introduced a neurochip into his brain to control dreams


Cyberpunk in Russian: a resident of Novosibirsk independently introduced a neurochip into his brain to control dreams

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Mikhail Raduga, a native of Novosibirsk and a popularizer of lucid dreams, recently decided on a desperate and dangerous experiment – he independently conducted surgery on your brain. The goal of such a dangerous adventure is to be able to control your dreams. According to Rainbow, the implant will allow him to use electrical impulses to trigger the events he needs in his sleep.

Raduga, 40, who has no medical education, prepared for the operation for a whole year and a half, studying neurosurgery videos on YouTube. The operation took place on May 17 this year in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, where Mikhail temporarily moved due to certain circumstances.

The man independently performed a trepanation of his skull using a conventional drill bought at a hardware store and almost lost his life during the four-hour procedure, as he lost more than a liter of blood. However, Rainbow managed to drill into her skull and implant a platinum-silicone electrode into her brain, although she soon had to go to the hospital to monitor her condition.

Mikhail Raduga after surgery

Rainbow is the founder of ” Center for Phase Studies ”, which popularizes the practice of achieving altered states of consciousness. His works have attracted the attention of thousands of followers around the world. And now, according to the researcher, he will be able to fully control his dreams.

Experts and doctors sharply criticized Rainbow’s actions, calling them extremely life-threatening. Such experiments should only be carried out by experienced, qualified neurosurgeons under controlled conditions. The man was at risk of getting an infection, stroke or other serious complications, even death.

However, Mikhail himself admits that it would take years to coordinate and conduct such an experiment under the supervision of professionals, so the man decided to take fate into his own hands. Rainbow said that he was ready to die for the task, because, according to him, sleep control technologies in the future will be able to help the paralyzed and other people with limited physical abilities to get new sensations in a dream and improve their lives.

Thus, a man selflessly risked not only for the sake of achieving his goals, but also for the benefit of all mankind. However, qualified somnologists also expressed their skepticism about the man’s act. According to them, electrical effects cannot in any way affect dreams or otherwise improve a person’s condition.

Only time will tell if Rainbow’s reckless act will bring any useful results or remain a daring but useless experiment.

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