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Adobe will integrate Firefly into its image editor


Adobe has introduced a new tool in Photoshop that can be used to expand and even modify images using generative AI.

The future of Photoshop goes through generative AI: Adobe will integrate Firefly into its image editor
Photoshop gains AI tools with its latest feature.

We keep advancing in AI craze. Not only does it seem that manufacturers and developers right now have to introduce AI in any project they undertake, but it also seems that they risk losing a critical mass of users and customers if they don’t. The truth is that this does not say much in favor of the human being either, but we are not going to discuss this topic here.

After Microsoft integrate ChatGPT into Bingabout what Google introduces Bard and that everyone lost my mind with MidJourneynow It is Adobe that joins the bandwagon of artificial intelligence. We tell you the details below.

This is Adobe’s generative AI

As we can read in The VergePhotoshop just won a new tool called Fireflywhich was released last March in a beta. Another beta has recently been released where Firefly can be used to finish filling, recreating or modifying images via a function known as generative fillthat you can see in operation on these lines.

This feature, within Photoshop, works within individual layers in a file. For example, it can be used to expand the edges of a photo or add objects. From Adobe they say that the user’s indications can be left blank, so that the neural network reaches a conclusion at its own risk. Also from Adobe they say that through orders it becomes much more precise.

Those who have had access to the feature say that it is “impressive and at the same time very imperfect“. Some of the objects it generates are, according to these sources, very unnatural when viewed in the context of an image. At the same time, it can recreate backgrounds for an image with very good results and handle variables such as lighting more than correctly .

Those responsible for Photoshop and Firefly also comment that, according to the training process followed by the AI, any image that is generated should be usable for commercial purposes. It also has an automatic attribution system, so you can easily tell anyone who sees the image that it was created with AI.

For now Firefly not yet available in Photoshop in any of its commercial versions, but if you’re enrolled in Adobe’s beta program you can test the feature by downloading the latest desktop beta version.

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