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“BaCon” – the first container security conference from Luntry – will be held in early summer in Moscow


“BaCon” – the first container security conference from Luntry – will be held in early summer in Moscow

On June 7, Luntry will hold the first BaCon conference in Moscow.


Date and time: June 7, 2023 from 10:00 to 16:00 (Moscow time)

Place: MCC ZIL, Moscow

June 7 in Moscow, Luntry will hold the first BaCon conference dedicated to the security of containers and container environments.

This event is designed to help companies move to a new level of understanding of container security and adapt modern approaches to ensure it.


The BaCon event will be useful for architects, infrastructure and platform teams, DevOps / DevSecOps, as well as specialists from information security departments.

In the circle of like-minded people, participants will be able to meet and communicate personally with representatives of well-known companies, speakers and recognized virtuosos in the field of container security.

The conference provides an opportunity to adopt advanced ideas and vast experience of industry leaders in order to anticipate and effectively solve non-obvious problems in your company when implementing DevSecOps practices.


The BaCona program is a juicy selection of relevant reports from leading containerization companies from various industries: OZON, Luntry, Tinkoff, Raiffeisen Bank, Yandex.Cloud, VKontakte, Flant.

The program of the event includes 10 reports covering almost all areas of container security. We will discuss key Kubernetes security issues, the intricacies of the PCI DSS audit process, pitfalls in popular mechanisms, and much more.

The organizers are against boring and lengthy presentations, so the presentations will be short – up to 30 minutes – without advertising and water, but saturated with many years of practical experience.

Topics of reports

  • “OPA with shared Docker executor” – Pavel Sorokin, OZON
  • “Not so obvious RBAC Kubernetes” – Dmitry Evdokimov, Luntry
  • DIY Distroless — Anton Mokin, Tinkoff
  • “K8s in PCI DSS” – Alexander Markelov, Raiffeisen Bank
  • “How to cook Kyverno and work with its alerts” — Alexey Mirtov, Yandex Cloud
  • “Kubernetes, tell me who I am for you” – Konstantin Aksenov, Flant
  • “How to tame Linux capabilities in Kubernetes” – Nikolay Panchenko, Tinkoff
  • “AppArmor and Kubernetes: setting up proactive protection for application security” – Sergey Kanibor, Luntry
  • “NetworkPolicy for system and infrastructure components” – Alexander Kozhemyakin, VK
  • Container OS Flatcar: how to cover yourself with dockers and forget about packages — Alexander Kondratiev, BI.ZONE
  • Talos Linux OS – the way to “the very” infrastructure hardening for k8s Nikolay Panchenko, Tinkoff

We invite you and your organization to participate in the first highly specialized conference in Russia, the most anticipated event of early summer 2023. Become a part of this community!

You can buy a ticket on the official website of the conference .

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