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believes it will kill off Google and Amazon as we know them


Bill Gates has talked about what will be the next great advance in AI, noting that it will have an impact that will change the way users behave on the Internet.

Bill Gates' latest AI prediction: he thinks it will kill off Google and Amazon as we know them
Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft.

it seems lately not a day goes by without news about artificial intelligence. The madness that we are experiencing with language models like ChatGPT (which, by the way, It can now be used from the Google search engine) or with the image-generative models like MidJourney it is palpable and it does not seem that it will stop in the near future.

Different voices within the world of technology have spoken on the matter, both in favor and against, as well as to give an opinion. Within this last group is Bill Gates who, in statements collected by CNBChe thinks that AI will change services like Google or Amazon forever.

Predictions about the AI ​​startup of the future

Bill Gates believes that what will be the next AI giant possibly will create a personal digital assistant that will be able to carry out different tasks for the public. In his words, this technology would be so deep that it could radically alter the behavior of users:

Whoever wins the personal assistant battle will be the one who wins the day, because you will never go back to a search website, you will never go back to a productivity website, you will never go to Amazon.

This personal assistant should be able to understand a person’s habits and needs and help them with their mundane tasks. It will take some time until this wizard is ready, of course. In the meantime, companies will continue to tinker with generative AI to include it in their products.

Microsoft is one of the companies that is in it. It is worth remembering that it offers its Bing search engine with integrated ChatGPT and is stealing users from google thanks to that. Even offer it integrated into SwiftKeyalthough it seems that for now the tool is not available in Spain.

It is also worth remembering that there is already a release date for GPT-5what is expected to achieve artificial general intelligence (AGI) capabilities and that, therefore, is practically indistinguishable from a human being.

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