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Blue Archive, one of the most popular characters, Yuuka, took the #1 spot for the most used Live 2D character.


Sunday, January 22, 2023, 4:06:20 p.m. Indochina time

when January 22, 2023 An anniversary celebration has been organized. 2 year for teachers’ favorite games around the world like blue folder in Japan server who has come out live to update various information both within the game, including a lot of information behind the house Which can go to see various details or look back together below

If talking about the selling point of the game blue folder In addition to the intense storyline and the cutest characters. It would be a matter of ” Live 2D “to be unlocked from collection” student bond “Up to one point This will make it possible to take pictures. Live 2D ” The aforementioned can be used in the lobby itself.

In which the said live has updated information about ” Top 10 characters that are used in Live 2D the most And, of course, the top two went to popular characters like Yuka Both versions with the following details

  1. Yuka
  2. Yuka ( sportswear )
  3. hina
  4. Hoshino (swimsuit)
  5. Himari
  6. Koharu
  7. Iroha
  8. Alice
  9. Iori
  10. Marie ( sportswear )


Credits: Blue Archive

Of course, the character Yuka can win rank 1 and 2 It might not be that strange. Because he is one of the first characters in the game, which will be unlocked. Live 2D Given since the beginning of the game and with her cuteness, many people fall in love with her. Yuka is also one of the most teased characters in the game blue folder I can say

including interesting information about “ 10 characters that the player has the highest bond level. ” for thread level which can be collected from ” cafe ” or give gifts to different students, with the top two going to characters like Hoshino Other sections will have the following details:

  1. Hoshino connection level 100
  2. Hoshino connection level 99
  3. Iori connection level 91
  4. Keiko connection level 86
  5. Tsurugi connection level 85
  6. hina connection level 83
  7. Garin connection level 82
  8. Azusa connection level 82
  9. Alice connection level 81
  10. Yuka connection level 81


Credits: Blue Archive

Finally, I would like to close the scene with those “ japanese thatch who are delighted with the arrival of a new character Mika as a character limited edition due to Mika It’s one of the characters that many people have been waiting for and wanting to possess for a long time. Which is considered one of the joys for the players in the Japanese server. The players in the server around the world That would have to keep collecting diamonds to wait together.

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