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Convert AZW to EPUB using these free software and online tools - Upgraded Tamilan
Convert AZW to EPUB using these free software and online tools

Convert AZW to EPUB using these free software and online tools

Here is a complete guide on how you can convert an AZW file to EPUB in Windows 11/10. AZW and EPUB are both eBook file formats. AZW is a Kindle eBook file format, while EPUB stands for Electronic Publication which is supported by a lot of readers. Now, If you want to change an eBook from AZW format to EPUB, this post is for you. In this article, we are going to discuss different methods using which you can easily convert your AZW eBooks to EPUB and other eBook formats. Let us check out!

How to Convert AZW to EPUB in Windows 11/10?

Here are the methods to convert an AZW eBook to EPUB format:

  1. Convert AZW to EPUB using a free online tool.
  2. Use free AZW to EPUB converter software.

1] Convert AZW to EPUB using a free online tool

The easiest way to convert AZW to EPUB is using a free online tool. There are many free web services that let you perform the conversion without any hassle. To help you out, you can use any of the following online tools to convert AZW to EPUB:

  1. cloudconvert.com
  2. e-conv.com
  3. ToePub
  4. online-convert.com
  5. freeconvert.com

1] cloudconvert.com

Convert AZW to EPUB

cloudconvert.com is a popular online tool to convert different types of files. Using it, you can also convert an AZW eBook to EPUB and many other formats. The other output eBook formats supported by it include MOBI, LRF, PDB, PDF, OEB, TXT, etc. Besides eBooks, you can also convert audio, video, images, documents, and many more file types.

How to Convert AZW to EPUB online using cloudconvert.com?

You can follow the below simple steps to convert AZW to EPUB online using cloudconvert.com:

  1. Firstly, open cloudconvert.com in a web browser.
  2. Now, add one or more source AZW eBooks for conversion.
  3. Next, select EPUB as the output format.
  4. Finally, press the Convert button to start the conversion. You can download the

2] e-conv.com


Try e-conv.com to batch convert AZW to EPUB online. It is primarily an eBook converter tool using which you can convert a lot of eBook formats including AZW, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, TXT, etc. It is a batch converter, however, you can only convert up to 10 ebooks at once using it.

Here are the steps to convert AZW to EPUB online using this free online tool:

  1. Firstly, open a web browser and go to the e-conv.com website.
  2. Next, browse and import the input AZW eBooks from your PC.
  3. After that, as the output eBook format, select EPUB.
  4. You can now configure options like eBook reader, title, and author.
  5. Lastly, tap on the Convert button to start the batch AZW to EPUB conversion process.

You can also find a Automatically start option on this web service that starts converting your eBooks as soon as you add the input files. Overall, it is a nice free online tool to convert eBooks.

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3] ToePub


The next free online tool that you can try is ToePub. It is a website that helps you convert other eBooks like AZW to EPUB format. You can also convert MOBI, LIT, FB2, and LRF to EPUB format using this web service.

To use it, simply open ToePub’s website in a web browser. Now, go to the AZW3 tab and import the source AZW eBooks that you need to convert. As soon as you add the source eBooks, it will start converting them. When the conversion is done, you can download the output EPUB eBooks to your computer.

4] online-convert.com


To use it, go to its website in a web browser and open its eBook converter page. Then, from the left side, choose the Convert To EPub option and then click on the Choose Files button to import one or more AZW eBooks. It lets you import the input files from your device (PC), URL, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

After that, set up the target ebook reader and customize options like ebook title, ebook author, version, base font size, add a border, etc. Lastly, tap on the Start Conversion button that will start converting your ebooks that you can download later.

You can try it here.

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5] freeconvert.com


One more free online AZW to EPUB converter tool on this list is freeconvert.com. It is a free online file converter that helps you convert eBooks too. It even lets you convert a large AZW eBook file of size up to 1 GB. Before conversion, you can also customize options like font scaling, eBook margin, input file encoding, etc.

First of all, go to its website to upload an AZW file that you want to convert. You can upload files from PC< URL, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Next, select the output format as EPUB and then configure output settings (press the gear button). Finally, press the COnvert to EPUB  button to start the conversion. That’s it!

2] Use free AZW to EPUB converter software

You can also use free software to convert AZW to EPUB format on your Windows 11/10 PC. Here are a few software that help you perform the conversion:

  1. calibre
  2. Any eBook Converter

1] calibre

What is a LIT file? How to convert LIT to EPUB or MOBI in Windows 11/10?

calibre is a well known free open-source eBook management software for Windows which can be used to convert AZW to EPUB. It comes with several eBook related tools. One of these tools includes an eBook converter tool using which you can batch convert eBooks. It supports a wide number of eBook formats to convert from one format to another. So, you can easily convert AZW to EPUB and many more formats with the help of this software. Some of the supported output formats include PDF, MOBI, FB2, DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTMLZ, etc.

How to Convert AZW to EPUB in calibre?

Try the below main steps to convert AZW to EPUB using calibre:

  1. Download and install calibre.
  2. Start the main GUI of calibre.
  3. Add the input AZW eBook files.
  4. Press the Convert books button.
  5. Set the output eBook format as EPUB.
  6. Click on the Ok button to start the conversion.

Now, let us elaborate on the above steps!

Firstly, make sure you have downloaded and installed calibre on your PC. After that, simply launch it and press the Add Books option to import the source AZW eBooks. You can add more than one eBook for conversion. Then, simply choose the AZW eBooks that you wish to convert.

After that, click on the Convert books > Bulk Convert button. Now, choose the output eBook format as EPUB in the conversion window. It also lets you configure various output options like EPUB version, fonts, page setup, layout, appearance, table of content, book cover, metadata, etc.

Lastly, tap on the OK button to start the batch AZW to EPUB conversion process.

calibre is one of the best free software to convert your eBooks as well as to view eBooks, download eBooks, edit eBook metadata, and more.

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2] Any eBook Converter


Any eBook Converter is a dedicated free software to convert eBooks. Using it, you can convert eBooks from one format to another including AZW to EPUB. Besides EPUB, you can also convert an AZW eBook to other formats like MOBI, TXT, PDF, KFX, etc.

The process of converting AZW to EPUB is very simple in it. You just have to browse and import an AZW eBook to it. And then, from the bottom of the interface, click on the Convert to drop-down button and choose EPUB option. After that, click on the Convert to EPUB button and it will start converting your eBook.

If you want to edit eBook metadata before conversion, you can simply tap on the Pen icon present next to the added eBook. It lets you customize metadata like title, author, date, language, book cover, etc. It also provides features like eBook Library and Kindle eReader.

Although it is a batch eBook converter, you can only convert one eBook at a time in its free version. To unlock this limitation, you will have to buy its paid edition.

Liked it? You can download it from here.

How do I convert AZW to EPUB?

To convert AZW to EPUB, you can use a free online tool or a free desktop application. Some free online tools and software that you can use include CloudConvert, Toepub, and calibre. We have shared more such converters that you can check out below.

How do you open an AZW file?

To open an AZW file, you can use calibre. It provides an inbuilt eBooks reader that lets you open and read AZW files on your Windows PC. There are also free software like Epubor Reader, Kindle Previewer, and more that you can use to view an AZW file.

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Convert AZW to EPUB

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