Home Tech Cool your summer with the ultimate water gun, and only 20 euros

Cool your summer with the ultimate water gun, and only 20 euros

Cool your summer with the ultimate water gun, and only 20 euros


It is electronic with a rechargeable and waterproof battery.

Cool your summer with the ultimate water gun, and only 20 euros
You can easily reload it and shoot about 200 jets on a single charge.

If you’re looking for a high quality water gun at an affordable price, we recommend you consider the option available on AliExpress. By only 20 euroinstead of the retail price of 40 euros, you will get an experience of refreshing and exciting game during the summer. And be careful because it is it’s electronicbut very safe for the little ones. Enjoy one of the best gadgets for summer.

It is made to be used both for children as well as adolescents and adultsand trust me that you will all use it. Your summer will stop being the same and typical boring on the beach or the pool. take advantage of this great price and you can get several units, yes, it is only allowed to buy one unit per account. Stop using the garden hose for your water games and outdoor battles.

electronic water gun

Buy the ultimate water pistol for a scandalous summer

shot electric water gun

You must recharge the integrated battery in a safe place away from wet areas.

Water guns are perfect for cooling off and have fun times on hot summer days. They allow you to play outdoors and participate in exciting aquatic battles, providing a refreshing way to enjoy the warm weather.

One of the great advantages of this electronic water gun is its integrated batterymaking it very easy to use and recharge. With a single charge, you can enjoy up to 200 shotsguaranteeing long sessions of fun. Thanks to your waterproof and secure designYou don’t have to worry about damaging the water gun during water games.

Reload this gun with water It is very simple. You just need to pull the trigger in the opposite direction to fill the barrel with water. Each full charge of water will give to carry out about 35-50 shotsa generous amount of fun before having to reload again. Be careful, if the battery is low the shots will not have the same force.

electric water gun test

You can shoot from up to 10 meters away.

With the battery fully charged, you will be able to reach a distance of 8-10 meter water launch. This will help you surprise your friends and family from a safe distance, adding excitement and challenge to your aquatic battles.

In terms of size, this electronic water gun measures 43 cm longmaking it comfortable to hold and handle during intense gaming. You can choose between two color options: light blue or yellowto adapt it to your personal preferences.

electronic water gun

With its built-in battery, easy recharging, casting distance, and waterproof design, it will give you hours of refreshing fun in the sun. take advantage of this offer and get ready to enjoy exciting water battles with your friends and family this summer.

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