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Elon Musk may be stepping down as CEO of Twitter.


Saturday, December 24, 2022 at 8:41:41 PM Indochina time.

Elon Musk Said he was willing to step down. CEO of Twitter If he could find a replacement After it became apparent that many users wanted him to no longer be responsible. Since this famous billionaire took over the platform social media It became famous a few weeks ago, and many people were worried about the future of the website.

Elon Musk announced that he had bought Twitter earlier this year The final sale will take place on October 27 for a value of 44,000 million dollars (about 1,528,120,000,000 baht) and since taking office CEO founder SpaceX at Elon Musk has created a largely negative trend across platforms social media with many policy changes Within days of the takeover, more than 4,000 employees were laid off from the company. And several controversial announcements from users, such as a confirmation sign next to a username, are being offered as a paid service.

from recent events Elon Musk has said he is ready to step down CEO current person of Twitter There is one caveat to this, though. He said he would resign if he could find someone who “stupid” Enough to get a job, however, it doesn’t mean that Elon Musk will leave Twitter Forever, with his latest tweet saying, Although he is not the CEO. He will continue to oversee Microsoft’s software and server teams. Twitter

This news came after users Twitter vote for Elon Musk Resign from office from over 17 million people who voted in a poll at Elon Musk Self Posting 57.5% of users agree that a billionaire shouldn’t be responsible for a website. Twitter Any longer, he has said he will abide by the verdict. But will he hold on to that or not we will have to see. Since it all depends on whether someone wants to take over his place or not.

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