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Fix Starfield Error Code 0xc000001d during launch

Fix Starfield Error Code 0xc000001d during launch


Starfield is one of the most popular role-playing games out there, and just like any other video game, it also comes with its share of problems. Sometimes, as you try to launch Starfield, you may come across The game has crashed with Error code 0xc000001d.

Starfield error code 0xc000001d

You may encounter this error whether you are playing the Xbox app version or downloaded via the Microsoft Store. It may also occur for those who play the game via the Xbox Game Pass. Fortunately, we have some proven solutions that can help you fix the error Code 0xc000001d for both Xbox and Windows 11/10 PC via the Store or Xbox Game Pass.

What is error code 0xc000001d in Windows?

More often, the Starfield error code 0xc000001d occurs due to a BIOS configuration, that is when the AVX instructions set is not turned on for the Intel/AMD processors. This configuration is connected to the X86 architecture of both processors. However, there could be other reasons as well that may trigger the error:

  • Outdated graphics card driver.
  • Too many background apps.
  • Corrupted game save files.
  • The game has not been updated to the latest version.
  • Accumulated GPU cache.
  • A glitch with the game itself.

How to fix Starfield Error Code 0xc000001d during launch?

That said, the first thing you should do is to check if your PC meets the minimum system requirements to run Starfield. If it does, then you may need to update the graphics card driver manually. Simply visit the manufacturer’s website for the graphics card and download & install the latest version. However, if you still encounter the Starfield error code 0xc000001d, here are a few methods to help you fix the glitch:

  1. Preliminary steps
  2. Enable AVX support
  3. Repair game files
  4. Delete GPU Cache

1] Preliminary steps

Starfield error code 0xc000001d

Before you try the primary troubleshooting methods below, the first thing you can try is to restart your PC because it has proven to fix many issues easily. You may also close the background apps to ensure no conflicting apps or programs exist.

At the same time, make sure that you update the game to the latest version and run the game as an administrator whenever you launch Starfield. However, if none of these methods help you to fix the error Code 0xc000001d on the Xbox Game Pass for PC, or for the Store game, you can try the primary solutions below.

2] Enable AVX support

Starfield error code 0xc000001d

The 0xc000001d error code occurs when either the CPU is not compatible with the set of instructions (AVX or Advanced Vector Extensions) to run the game correctly or the device does not meet the minimum system requirements to play Starfield.

It could also be possible that the instruction set is not enabled on your CPU even though it supports it, and that is mostly the reason behind the error. While you can enable the AVX support in the BIOS, we will explain the simpler alternative, that is, via the Command Prompt.

However, before that, you can download the HWiNFO utility which is a free system information tool. Under the Features section of the tool, you can find if the AVX extension is already enabled. If the color is green, it means, the feature is enabled.

If not, then you can enable the AVX support via Command Prompt. For this, open the elevated Command Prompt, and run the below command:

bcdedit /set xsavedisable 0

Now, close Command Prompt, and restart your PC for the changes to be effective.

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3] Repair the game files

Starfield error code 0xc000001d

*Image courtesyBethesda

Sometimes, you may bump into the error code 0xc000001d due to corrupted save files of the game. In this case, you will have to repair and restore the files to fix the issue. For this, you would first need to create a backup of the game save files. For this, open the Run console (Win + R), type the below path in the Run box, and hit Enter:


Now, copy all the game save files in the folder, save them in a desired location, and delete all the files from the wgs folder.

Next, navigate to the location where the installation directory of Starfield is saved. If you are using Steam to play Starfield, you can go to the Steam menu > Manage > Browse local files to open the directory. Here, delete all the files and folders except the Data folder. Now, you can verify the integrity of the game files in Steam to repair the game files.

If using Xbox, launch the Xbox app > Starfield > click on […] next to Play > Manage > Files > Verify and Repair > Select Yes in the pop-up.

Once the verification process is over, move the copied files back to their original location to restore the save files.

4] Clear the GPU Cache

Starfield error code 0xc000001d

It could be possible that there is a lot of accumulated graphics cache and it’s not the same as your Windows display cache. The graphics cache we are talking about is for the NVIDIA, AMD, or AutoCAD cards if you are using any. Therefore, you would need to clear the NVIDIA, AMD, or AutoCAD graphics card to fix the error code 0xc000001d on the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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If all the above methods fail to work, you can also check if the GPU overclocking is enabled. While overclocking your GPU can enhance game performance, it’s also known to slow down your PC and create conflict with the game. Therefore, it’s advised to turn off GPU clocking if enabled.

Alternatively, you may uninstall and install the game again to rule out any issues with the game itself. But if these don’t help, contact the Bethesda support team for assistance with the Starfield error code 0xc000001d.

How to fix 0x00000?

The error code 0x00000000 is related to different issues. For example, it could show up when trying to copy a file, while updating the Xbox app, or as you try to download, install, or update the Microsoft Store apps. For this, you can either reset the Xbox console, free up disk space, run the Microsoft Store apps troubleshooter, reinstall the store using PowerShell, or use the System File Checker tool.

How do I fix RAM memory errors?

If your PC is throwing errors related to your RAM memory, firstly, close any unnecessary background apps, or programs. At the same time, also check for any applications that may be eating up your device’s memory and uninstall them. Alternatively, you may also consider upgrading your RAM if your device supports it, and/or optimizing your PC’s settings for improved memory management.

Starfield error code 0xc000001d


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