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Google’s new new quantum computer is 47 years ahead of its time


Quantum explosion in the industry: Google’s new new quantum computer is 47 years ahead of its time

Google’s quantum computer surpasses the most powerful modern devices, but only within the walls of the laboratory.

Google developed a quantum computer capable of instantly performing calculations that would take the best existing supercomputers 47 years to complete. The article by Google researchers claims that the company’s technology is “beyond the capabilities of existing classical supercomputers.”

Adherents of quantum computers argue that technology based on the unusual states of quantum physics can create incredibly powerful machines that can fight climate change and create innovative drugs. However, quantum systems also threaten to undermine current encryption systems, making them a national security priority.

In 2019, Google said it was the first company to achieve “quantum supremacy,” the point at which quantum computers outperform existing machines. This was then disputed by competitors who claimed that Google was exaggerating the difference between its machine and traditional supercomputers.

Google Quantum Computer

Now Google has developed a more powerful device that aims to end the debate about the capabilities of quantum supercomputers. In 2019, the Google machine had 53 qubits, and the presented computer has 70 qubits. Adding more qubits exponentially increases the power of a quantum computer – the new machine is 241 million times more powerful than the 2019 machine.

The researchers said the world-leading Frontier supercomputer would take 6.18 seconds to match that of Google’s 2019 53-qubit computer. In comparison, the Frontier computer will take 47.2 years to match the new Google computer. The researchers also claim that their new quantum computer is more powerful than the demonstrations from the Chinese lab, which is considered a leader in this field. Their demonstration is in a field that goes beyond classical quantum computing, the scientists say.

Google’s large quantum computer is able to control the “noise” – the interference that disturbs the fragile states in which qubits operate – and continue computing. Competing machines were measured on a random sampling problem, which critics consider favorable to quantum computers and of no practical value outside of academic study.

Sebastian Veidt, startup CEO Universal Quantum, stated that quantum computers need to demonstrate more practical features. Google has shown a very good demo of the quantum advantage. Despite being a great academic achievement, the algorithm used doesn’t really have practical applications in the real world.

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