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Harry Potter Magic Awakened 5 Legendary Cards Nice to use and should have in your deck.


Thursday, July 6, 2023, 7:18:13 PM, Indochina time

Launched as a hit throughout the country with the game Harry Potter Awakening Magic This time it comes in the form of a battle card game that takes the story from the Harry Potter universe in full. Of course, it’s a card game. must have a deck of cards that is suitable for our style of play to useful cards that should be attached to the deck

Today we’re going to take a look at Hogwarts wizards and see what Legendary cards are worth using!

1. Thunderstorm

The Thunderstorm card launches 15 lightning bolts at random enemies, dealing 10% increased damage when defeating enemies. which can overlap up to 5 times ever and when this card deals maximum damage It will attack all enemies in battle. It also reduces the enemy’s healing rate. Perfect for aggressive witches and wizards. Focus on fighting magic, not focusing on talking.

2. Water glass ball

The Orb of Water card binds together all enemies in its area, stunning them and temporarily limiting their movement by trapping them in a water dungeon. Where we can still walk and move while using the spell. Perfect for finishing off the battle.

3. Enemies

Summons Fiendfyre to attack enemies with flames. If Fiendfyre manages an opponent, it grows in size. And if it kills up to 12 enemies, it will attack 3 enemies at once. It’s said to be a very powerful and terrifying card ever.

4. Phoenix

Most Legendary cards are aggressive, but Pheonix cards are more suited for defensive or defensive use. It will summon a phoenix to heal and heal you and allies within the skill area. It was, of course, an immortal phoenix. If it dies then we press on the ashes. It will spawn again but with less health. Can respawn up to 3 times

Hmmm, how can something like this not be stuck in the deck!

5. Baby Antipodean Opaleye

Anyone looking for a card to take down enemies flying in the sky must have this card. Baby Antipodean Opaleye spits fire that deals AoE damage to all enemies in the skill area. including flying enemies Suitable for wizards who like to play aggressively.

And here are 5 Legendary cards worth using and should have in your deck. Anyone who has these cards must arrange them!

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