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HoloCure – Save the Fans, a fan-made game, officially announced on Steam!


Thursday, May 25, 2023, 20:40:33 seconds, Indochina time

After a few weeks before the way Twitter of holocure game creator fan made famous as HoloCure – Save the Fans Has issued an important announcement and looks official until many wonder what happened In conclusion, all content is that the team has announced to grab the game. holocure come down to the platform steam official

for the game HoloCure – help the fans! will be a game line Action Roguelike that gives the opportunity to pick up these gift from the world Holly to be used for eliminating enemies In which the game will release a large number of enemies and gift will get ” experience ” In order to unlock various abilities, including upgrading the ability to be stronger. and can read more details atthis article

In addition, the game HoloCure – help the fans! also announced that They will be releasing the game on Steam with the version 0.6 update, which adds new characters, new systems and new gameplay to increase the challenge and enjoyment of the game. HoloCure – help the fans!

Most recently a few hours ago. Twitter of holocure has announced the launch shop page of the game HoloCure – help the fans! official can press wishlist The game itself can be pre-loaded. Including the team also revealed that “now the game can run through steam Without any problems “Waiting to continue to follow when the game will be officially opened and will there be problems that cause the team to rush to fix the problem soon or not? We have to wait and see.

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