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George Miller behind the cameras and Tom Hardy before them are the perfect combination for one of the best action movies of all time.

This Is The Best Action Movie You Can Watch This Weekend – It's On Amazon Prime Video
This is the best action movie you can see this weekend

He Amazon Prime Video catalog always has very interesting things. There is a little bit of everything in a catalog as extensive as it is interesting in which we can find action films like epic dramas that will make us cry. This time we are going to talk about the first thing, about a very good film that was awarded an Oscar for its incredible special effects. It is, how could it be otherwise, “Mad Max: Fury Road”, one of the most powerful action films that have come out in recent years and that has not lost an iota of quality since it was released. premiered a long time ago.

Mad Max: Fury Road, an authentic ode to action movies

Mad Max is a person who wanders the world alone. She doesn’t want to have contact with anyone else, since she has a past that keeps her really tormented. However, he will have to collaborate with an elite woman in his crazy journey of one of the cities tyrannized by Immortan Joea dangerous warlord who has had the most important thing he has taken away: healthy women from his harem. So the movie is possibly one of the best options for the weekend.

The truth is that the world that has been created around “Mad Max” is truly original, with a vision of it that marked the evolution of the post-apocalyptic imagination for decades. Those worlds sunk in deserts, where there is no water and life subsists in small nuclei, was something quite original in the 80s. Now, Miller returns with the world he created at that time and offers us a more original, more vibrant story. and with an action that is incredible. So it’s one of the best action movies but at the same time it has a unique staging that brings us truly charismatic characters.

Tom Hardy in his role as Mad Max is one of them, but not exclusively the only one. Next to him, Furiosa or the villain are very interesting. Also the normal and current enemies, whose almost divine consecration to cars is really interesting and is something that was already seen in the sequels of the original tape.

  • It has a setting post-apocalyptic absolutely incredible. He takes us for a desert wasteland in which life is more and more complicated.
  • Tom Hardy’s charisma as Max is possibly one of his greatest strengths. The actor is amazing in his role. and that is not that it has many lines of dialogue.
  • Furiosa is a co-star who lives up to it. That’s why a movie is coming out exclusively about her.
  • The action scenes are very goodThey are very well measured and offer an incredible level.
  • The villains and their design are absolutely amazing.
  • It shows that it has been written and directed by its original director: George Miller.

You can watch “Mad Max: Fury Road” on Amazon Prime Video. The film is already 8 years old and it is still as enjoyable as the first day. Therefore, you can prepare yourself for a good popcorn and action weekend.

Watch “Mad Max Fury Road” on Amazon Prime Video

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