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Honkai: Star Rail Lightning General Jing Yuan’s cheat that you need to know!!


Thursday, May 18, 2023, 12:00 PM 20 PM, Indochina time.

today Hoyoverse Prepare to introduce new characters. Honkai: Star Rail enter the game which was the General of Thunder Jing Yuan One of the 7 members of the group cloud knight which can guarantee that it will come with unrivaled versatility like the handsome face of a general with long hair

by Jing Yuan will be a character Honkai: Star Rail The last 5 stars to enter Takasha, which General Jing Yuan will replace Seelee’s cabinet with activities Celestial Spear Spiral that will give players a chance to get a character Jing Yuan and characters Honkai: Star Rail 4 stars, the other three are

for the talent of Jing Yuan probably a matter of PDRC group or AOE that after the character Jing Yuan has stepped into the game Honkai: Star Rail He will establish himself. PDRC type AOE The most powerful in the game immediately from the talent of Jing Yuan which is incomparable by summoning a thunder god who looks like Susanoo to automatically attack

element of Jing Yuan Is lightning, but I can tell you that with the intensity of the talent skill like the skill will make maybe when we sculpt Jing Yuan ready to wear fire cone The general’s full body will be a key factor in getting everyone through the event. Honkai: Star Rail in the game comfortably, whether the forgotten hall or simulate the universe

Let’s just say who’s looking for a character? Honkai: Starryl 5 stars that deals damage AOE Anyway, you shouldn’t miss the General. Jing Yuan decisively because one of the highlights of Jing Yuan is not a matter AOE but from talent Jing Yuan can be ironed PDRC Came out to take down various bosses, not much different from the others.

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