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How to Fix “Xbox App Sign In Error Code 0x0000042B”


Many users have reported that they are encountering the Xbox app sign-in error code 0x0000042B when they try to sign in to their Xbox account. Usually, the error code is the result of a corrupt app cache or app data, a misconfigured app, or some other issue with Xbox or Windows. In this post, we’ll talk about this issue and see what you can do if you can’t sign in to the Xbox app.

Fix Xbox App Sign In Error Code 0x0000042B

If you’re experiencing Xbox App Sign-in Error Code 0x0000042B, follow the solutions here to fix the problem.

  • Check your internet connection
  • Restore or reset the Xbox app
  • Repair or reset the Microsoft Store app
  • Restart some services using the command line.
  • Clear Xbox Cache
  • Set the timezone and region correctly

Let’s talk about them in detail.

1]Check your internet connection

Since we can’t login, the first thing to do is check the bandwidth. You need to check and make sure that your internet connection is not slow and that the Xbox app is getting enough bandwidth to contact the appropriate server and verify your credentials. To do the same, use any of the free online internet speed testers. If the throughput is low, reboot your router and if that doesn’t work, contact your ISP and ask them to fix the problem. If the problem is not related to slow internet, go to the next solution.

2]Repair or Reset Xbox App

How to Fix “Xbox App Sign In Error Code 0x0000042B”

Then let’s restore or restart Xbox because users can sign in with their Xbox account in the browser but not in the app. That is why we can say that the problem is the result of a corrupted app cache or a misconfiguration of the app. To do the same, follow the prescribed steps.

  • Open settings.
  • go to Apps > Apps & features or Installed apps.
  • Application search Xbox .
    >Windows 11: click on the three vertical dots and click on advanced options.
    >Windows 10: select an application and press advanced options.
  • Press Repair .

Then check if the issue is resolved. If the problem persists, go to advanced options Xbox and then click reset. Hope this solves the problem for you.

3]Reset or Repair Microsoft Store App

If resetting or restoring the Xbox app does not resolve the issue, the MS Store App may be the cause. You need to do the same as before, but this time instead of searching for Xbox, search for Microsoft Store and then restore the app. If the restore doesn’t work, click the Reset button and see if that helps. There is another way to reset Windows or Microsoft Store settings. All you have to do is open Run through Win+R type wsreset.exe and click Yes if prompted. This will reset the app and hopefully solve your issue.

4]Restart some services using the command line.

Next, we will restart some important services that Xbox and MS Store need to communicate with their respective servers. To do the same there are some commands we will be running so open Command Prompt as administrator and run the following commands one by one.

 net stop iphlpsvc
net start iphlpsvc
net stop XblAuthManager
net start XblAuthManager
net stop wuauserv
net start wuauserv
net stop bits
net start bits 
net stop XboxGipSvc
net start XboxGipvc
net stop InstallService
net start InstallService 

Hope this solves the problem for you.

5]Clear Xbox Cache

Xbox tends to store a lot of caches and temporary files in order to improve the gaming experience. However, it is also possible that these files are corrupted and are causing you problems. In this, we need to clear the cache of the Xbox app in order to fix the problem. To do this, open File Explorer through Win+E and navigate to the next location.


Then remove both Account and Cache folders. Finally open Xbox , you may be prompted to sign in, so do that and check if the issue is resolved. Hope this helps you.

6]Set your timezone and region correctly

Change Windows time settings

It has been observed that if the time zone or region does not match the geographic location of your MS account, many Microsoft products such as Xbox refuse to sign in. In this case, we need to turn on the switch to set the time zone automatically and select the region correctly from your computer settings. To do the same, follow the prescribed steps.

  • Open Windows settings .
  • go to Time & Language > date & time.
  • Turn on the switch for Set time automatically And Set timezone automatically.
  • Come back to Time & Language and then click on Language & region .
  • go to region and select the correct region in the Country or Region option.

Hope this helps you.

How to fix Xbox app not logging in?

More often than not, users are unable to sign into their Xbox account due to a corrupted cache. Corrupted caches are known to cause various issues, including preventing users from logging into their accounts. In this case, our best option is to clear the Xbox cache and fix the problem. It’s pretty simple, just follow the instructions above and you’ll be fine. If that doesn’t work, there are other solutions you can follow and you’ll be fine.

Why can’t I sign in to the Xbox app on PC?

Fix Xbox App Sign In Error Code 0x0000042B

The above is how to fix “Xbox App Sign In Error Code 0x0000042B”. I hope this article contains useful information for you. We’d love to hear your suggestions and questions, so get in touch. or leave us a comment.

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