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How to install SteamOS on PC using ChimeraOS


Chimera OS is a Linux distribution designed for gamers that focuses on providing a seamless gaming experience on your PC hardware. It simplifies the process of system installation and maintenance. This article will guide you on how to install SteamOS on a PC using ChimeraOS. Even though they are different than one another, ChimeraOS still allows you to turn your PC into a Steam Deck.

How to install SteamOS on PC using ChimeraOS

Install SteamOS on PC using ChimeraOS

To install SteamOS on a PC using ChimeraOS, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Download ChimeraOS
  2. Install ChimeraOS
  3. Set up ChimeraOS

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Download ChimeraOS

To get started with Chimera, you can visit and download a copy of the distro. Please note that the distro is currently only compatible with the amd64 platform and AMD Radeon graphics cards. Moreover, it is currently only available for bare metal installation and cannot be installed as a headless VM on a hypervisor cluster.

Once you have downloaded the distro’s ISO, you can use either balenaEtcher or dd to create a bootable USB stick. This will allow you to properly burn the ISO to the USB stick and boot your system from it.

2] Install ChimeraOS

First of all, we need to install balenaEtcher from Now, open the exe file and let it install. Once it’s installed, click on Flash from file, navigate to the location where the ChimeraOS file is stored, and select it. Go to Select a Target, select your USB drive, and allow it to flash.

Now that we have created a flash drive, it’s time to boot using USB and follow the on-screen instructions to install ChimeraOS on your computer.

3] Set up ChimeraOS

After installing ChimeraOS on your system, we need to proceed with the setup and link your Steam account. Do keep in mind that, one potential issue with Chimera OS is its UI, which is optimized for the Steam Deck console. Although it does not impact the system’s functionality, there could be instances where the UI appears distorted.

First of all, get a USB controller and plug it into your computer. You will get the language screen and select English (or any other language based on your preference) using the button. Similarly, you need to select the correct timezone, the one that’s closer to your actual location.

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Now, we need to connect to the Internet; for that, select a network interface; it can be WiFi or Ethernet, depending on your choice. Finally, log in to your account by scanning the available QR code

Select a network interface for your Chimera system. This could either be a wireless access point or a wired Ethernet connection. Finally, log into your account by scanning the available QR code. Once you are inside, just go ahead and add your games and start playing.

That’s it!

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Does Chimera OS have desktop mode?

Yes, Chimera OS has a desktop mode, to launch it, all you have to do is press the home button on your controller, the one placed in the middle, and allow it to open the Context menu. Once the Context menu is open, you need to click on Switch to Desktop Mode. You can switch back to the regular Steam Deck UI by navigating to the “Activities” button on your desktop and then selecting “Game Mode” from the main screen of the Application Launcher.

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How do I install ChimeraOS?

To install ChimeraOS, you need to first download its file from the official website mentioned earlier and then use either balenaEtcher or dd to create a bootable USB stick. Finally, boot using your USB stick, follow the on-screen instructions and you will be good to go.

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How to install SteamOS on PC using ChimeraOS

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