Home SECURITY How to relax on 150,000 rubles if you are a hacker?

How to relax on 150,000 rubles if you are a hacker?

How to relax on 150,000 rubles if you are a hacker?


Two men got free access to the resort, but something went wrong

At the center of events were two hackers who, in April of this year, provided themselves and everyone with unhindered access to the beaches of the popular Salt Lakes resort in Sol-Iletsk. As a result, the owner of the resort suffered significant losses, in the amount of 168,900 rubles. For several hours, thanks to the illegal activities of hackers, the rest was absolutely free.

The first intruder, having secured photographs of 15 electronic tickets, each of which cost 300 rubles, handed them over to his accomplice, an information technology specialist. He, in turn, violated the security protocols, unauthorizedly infiltrated the system of passes, made changes to it, which made the passage free.

As the press service of the Sol-Iletsk city court confirmed, the criminal case was immediately sent to them, but the issue of its proceedings remained open for several months.

Yesterday, July 10, the Sol-Iletsk District Court delivered its verdict. The IT expert and his accomplice, pleading guilty and expressing remorse, were condemned . The first received a fine of 150 thousand rubles, the second was sentenced to one year of restriction of freedom, taking into account relapse. The verdict has not yet entered into force, but the defendants have already compensated for the damage of 168,900 rubles to the resort.


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