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In the Albanian city of Durres, police discovered a server center carrying out cyber attacks on foreign institutions


In the Albanian city of Durres, the police discovered a server center carrying out cyber attacks on foreign institutions

The hacker center was discovered in a MEK camp inhabited by Iranian opposition refugees.

June 20 in the camp of the Iranian opposition organization “Mujahedin of Iran” (MEK) near the Albanian city of Durres, a search was conducted by the Albanian police forces. The search was authorized by the court at the request of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK), which suspects the MEK of terrorism and cyberattacks.

According to Albanian edition Shqiptarja, inside the camp, the police discovered several servers, with the help of which some foreign institutions were hacked. Apparently, in their camp, the MEK members created a full-fledged hacker center. The purpose of the search was precisely to seize these server devices that allow cyberattacks.

However, the police operation encountered resistance from the Mujahideen, who obstructed the implementation of the law and protested en masse, forcing police officers out of the camp. In the course of this tension, the Mujahideen claimed that the police had killed a member of their community. The camp, which rarely allows Albanian media into its territory, invited journalists to the hospital pavilion inside the fence and showed the body of the deceased person in front of the cameras.

One of the Mujahiddins told reporters that the man died from the use of pepper spray by the police, while the police officially denied this. It is suspected that the 65-year-old man died of a heart attack, so his body will be subjected to an examination at the morgue of the Durrës hospital to find out the true cause of death.

The Ministry of the Interior has officially stated that the law enforcement intervention was justified, as the recent actions of the MEK clearly contradict the agreements and commitments made by the organization in 2014, when the Albanian government only agreed to host its members in their country. The essence of the 2014 agreement is that the MEK participants should be in the territory of Albania exclusively for humanitarian purposes and not engage in other activities.

“Unfortunately, this group did not honor these obligations, violating the agreement. The intervention of the State Police was fully justified and was carried out in full accordance with the law and the procedure for the execution of procedures that such operations usually require. Albanian Ministry of the Interior.

According to official sources, Vladimir Mara, the prosecutor of SPAK, has been investigating the activities of MEK members for a long time, suspecting them of terrorist activities and possible cyber attacks. The court ordered all premises and offices inside the MEK camp to be searched and documents, servers and other items that could be relevant to the investigation to be confiscated.

In September 2022, Albania broke off diplomatic relations with Iran. The break came after the Albanian government said it had irrefutable evidence that Iran financed a cyberattack on Albanian online services, which influenced the decision to end official relations with the country. Iranian hackers publish video and sensitive data on website Homeland Justice.

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