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IT musicians honor Mayakovsky’s memory with a tribute album


IT musicians honor Mayakovsky’s memory with a tribute album

IT companies supported the legacy of the poet.

Musicians from Russian IT companies have come together to honor the memory of Vladimir Mayakovsky, the poet and futurist, by releasing a special tribute album entitled “Farewell Concert”. This collection consists of seven compositions created by the participants of the musical event “MayakFest” – a festival focused on musical bands from the IT field, held as part of the international cyberfestival Positive Hack Days.

A variety of musical acts including Dotla, Grade Zero, Human Laces, Of Titans and Men, The Serious Men, Red Nettle Hills and “off this planet” contributed to the album. Team members represent ten leading Russian companies in the field of information technology.

On May 20 of this year, MayakFest, which took place in Gorky Park, attracted the attention of IT specialists and professionals in the field of information security. The festival participants performed compositions based on Mayakovsky’s poems, and starting from July 19, the poet’s birthday, all these tracks are available on major digital music platforms, including Yandex Music, VK Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify and others.

“Mayakovsky is a key figure connecting the digital world and the world of art. Like a real futurist, he was open to the future, interested in new technologies and was not afraid to use them,” said Viktoria Alekseeva, General Producer of the Positive Hack Days Cyberfestival.

The organizers of the project hope that the release of the tribute album will draw attention to the legacy of the great poet of the 20th century and demonstrate that his work remains relevant and inspiring, even after a hundred years.

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