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LoL: Toxic players will be banned from finding solo queue rooms! | 4Gamers Philippines


Thursday, May 25, 2023, 4:23 PM 54 PM, Indochina time.

What is League of Legends or LoL most known for? Great champion design? Awesome skins? Or the groundbreaking esports scene? not all After all, it’s Toxic, after all. Luckily, the Riot developers are taking the fight against Toxicness very seriously. They recently released a new measure they plan to take on Toxic players, and one idea has sparked that. LoL community interest


New Anti-Toxic Measures for LoL

from the report May 2023 Conduct System Update Regarding Toxicness in LoL, the developers have revealed that the measures that will be taken against players who are initially considered Toxic are that players who are Toxic will be blocked from participating in ranked games:

in the next few months We will limit Ranked play to players penalized by our system. This means that if you are penalized for disruptive behavior, including intentional multiple AFK points and severe abuse of the chat. You will be restricted from entering the Ranked Queue and will need to play in another queue to unlock the Ranked Queue again.

But that’s not all. If Toxic persists, players will not only be banned from ranked games, But it could be banned for the whole account:

These restrictions are in addition to all existing penalties. So for players who constantly harass Such players will be account banned. This will prevent the game from playing in any queue for a certain period of time. We will monitor disruptive behavior in other queues to avoid a significant increase after launch.

Nobody likes being toxic. As a player in the LoL community, do you support these measures? Do you think it’s too strict? And how much can we trust the behavior control system?

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